The grand finale at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya proved the race pad’s incredible performance under the harshest endurance conditions

The weekend of 9-10 November was a particularly spectacular one for those competing in the Spanish CER-GT endurance racing championship, as the final leg of its 2019 season – held at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – saw many fiercely-fought battles settled and outright winners crowned.

Amongst the victorious, two triumphant teams that proudly use EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ brake pads secured worthy overall victories within their classes, namely Ivan Velasco/Antonio ‘Tony’ Castillo with their Peugeot RCZ, and Héctor Hernández/Borja Hormigos with their MINI Challenge.

To add drama to proceedings, the 2×50-minute race format seen at previous outings was scrapped for one large race that lasted 1 hour and 55 minutes – putting even more pressure on the cars and their components throughout.

Saturday started with a 30-minute free practice session within the championship’s separate categories, followed up by a 50-minute session with all vehicles out on track at once to acclimatise drivers to the next day’s full racing conditions.

Qualifying was next up early on the Sunday morning, with rain overnight making track conditions far from ideal. As always, the grid would be determined based on the sum of each driver’s qualification attempts.

Velasco and Castillo in the Peugeot RCZ achieved two storming lap times in quali, which allowed them to start second-in-class for the big race – wheel-to-wheel with their biggest rival of the season.

Hernández and Hormigos (MINI Challenge) suffered in qualifying due to some mechanical problems, meaning they started seven positions behind their front-running rivals, with plenty of slower vehicles dividing them.

Finally, it was race time, with both cars sporting RP-1™ pads showing the true longevity of this performance product by working their way up the ranks throughout the long and gruelling race.

After almost two hours of competition, the fruits of both teams’ labours became apparent in the form of Class 2 victory for the Peugeot RCZ team, and Class 3 gold for the MINI Challenge guys.

The final race of this much-loved Spanish race series was a great illustration of just how well EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ racing brake pad performs even under the most intense of motorsport conditions, time and time again. Congratulations to the drivers!

RP-1™ Racing Brake Pads

After two years of research and testing, EBC Brakes launches its flagship race pad material to complete the line-up of performance and track pads currently offered – called RP-1.

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