EBC-equipped US and UK motorcycle stunt riders check out EBC Brakes’ Northampton-based world headquarters.

Whether it’s two or four wheels, on- or off-road, EBC Brakes has an international fleet of incredibly talented professional athletes that proudly use its braking products on a daily basis.

Two such individuals are US-based Aaron Colton, and UK-based Lee Bowers; freestyle street motorcycle stunt riders that are both at the very top of their games right now.

It was a pleasure to get both Aaron and Lee together at our Northampton world headquarters recently, where they were given the obligatory tour of our vast, cutting-edge premises by Research and Development Manager, Adam Freeman.

Living relatively locally, this was by no means Lee’s first time at EBC, but it was great to see Aaron’s genuine expressions of awe and excitement as what was his debutant visit unfolded.

The duo was taken around the site, following the journey of a brake component from the design stages in the R&D offices, through to the detailed manufacturing processes and finally onto the packing area – reminding them of EBC’s proud claim of producing the vast majority of its goods right here in the UK.

They were also shown the new EBC Brakes Racing department – a recently-set-up multi-million-pound sub-division of EBC that focuses on offering unparalleled components for the track day and racing markets.  

Thoughts from Aaron Colton

“I’ve been an athlete with the brand now for 12 years, and it’s taken me this long to get here, but it was definitely worth the stop!

“I got to spend all day touring the facility, and it’s been awesome to put a face to a name on so many of the products I use Stateside and worldwide.

“It’s been really interesting to see the new technology that [EBC] have been implying; the EBC Brakes Racing line which is something I’m very, very excited about to be working with as well.”

Thoughts from Lee Bowers

“[EBC’s] discs and pads are great for me; I’ve been using them for about five or six years now, and they’re fantastic.

“I’ve been to EBC before… it’s a fantastic place with fantastic people. It’s like one big family – not very corporate, very professional and very friendly.

“I’ve had so much fun today. I got my stunt bike out and also had a full tour of the factory, showing us from A to B to Z of how to make the brakes.” 

Connect with Aaron Colton for more news and information

Connect with Lee Bowers for more news and information

Aaron and Lee use these EBC Brakes products:

X Series Floating Front Discs

Since their introduction, EBC’s ultra-lightweight ‘X Series’ floating front discs have become one of the world’s best-selling, lightest and best-performing discs available for all modern sport bikes; available from EBC Brakes distributors around the world.

These motorcycle discs feature a unique and patented S-Drive button system which boasts square-sided rivets captured in square drive pockets on the rotor and hub, allowing the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely under the heat of braking without suffering from rivet lock.

X and XC floating discs are the lightest you can buy. They will eliminate all your vibration problems and last longer than conventional rotors using round-button technology. Both designs further reduce weight by using only six drive buttons, dropping overall weight by up to 300 grams in the process.

GPFAX Sintered Road/Race Pads

EBC’s race-only GPFAX pads feature a material blend that has a higher friction and far better grip than any other brake pad on the market.

With a friction measurement between 0.6 and 0.7, they deliver the most amazing brake effect available. Zero brake fade is guaranteed and the heat stability of these brake pads is perfect, leaving the racer with high confidence and a product that can be used over numerous races.


EBC Double-H™ Superbike Pads™

EBC Double-H™ pads™ are the top choice of street-legal brake pads you can buy for the best grip. Made from sintered copper alloy, these brake pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power. EBC Double-H™ Superbike pads™ are perfect braking under all riding conditions, be it wet, dry, hot or cold. Unique stainless steel radiator plates are fitted when required to reduce heat transfer into the hydraulics of the motorbike. The double segment vented design is totally unique and keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.

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