14 Apr 2020
April 14, 2020

Best Brake Pads for Bike Track Days

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This is updated information on this topic from EBC Brakes, the largest producer of aftermarket motorcycle brakes in the industry.

The graph below shows the outstanding performance of the new EBC GPFAX D-1 and D2 compounds in road racing.

Using speed and braking parameters taken by data logging during the World Superbike Championship, we have shown that brakes cannot get better than this.

EBC make numerous HH pad grades but the GPFAX range is the top choice for track days and full race use. Some riders wishing to ride to and from the track may elect for the EBC range known as EPFA, a little less aggressive but also a fantastic pad blend and street legal where laws insist on this. However, slick tyres, highly tuned race bikes will always need the GPFAX grades.

With 40 years in business and over 60 million sets of motorcycle brake pads sold, EBC knows how to make motorcycle brakes. Plus with new Dyno simulation testing and a full R and D team, the latest EBC sintered pads known as GPFAX simply cannot be beaten or your money back.

Remember we’re here to answers any and all questions, contact us for any help on road race brake pads on this e-mail; biketechnical@ebcbrakesuk.com.

Hints; ask for EBC by name and watch out for pirates using the FA (Freeman Automotive) prefix and abusing our copyright numbering system to sell you inferior parts online. Ask any on line vendor if these are genuine EBC before buying.

Thanks for being an EBC customer.

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