Best High-Performance Brake Pads for Motorcycles

This is today’s news, not some re-cycled blog or forum post from ten years ago that is totally irrelevant today, and it comes from EBC Brakes.

First, let’s remind ourselves that EBC is (very probably) the largest aftermarket motorcycle pad producer in the world, having produced over 60 million brake pads sets since it was started 40 years ago. EBC has manufacturing plants in both the UK and USA and is the only volume producer of disc pads in those markets. So it stands to reason that EBC products must be of decent quality or they wouldn’t be here right now.

Choosing the right compound is every pad manufacturers nightmare, with users often getting sold by a “not-so-educated” source the right compound, using them and not achieving ideal results and then resorting to forum posts. We want to try and correct this at EBC with this post.

Let’s group the motorcycles on the roads. We have:

  • Scooters below 100cc
  • Scooters above 100cc
  • Dual purpose Enduro style bikes
  • Lightweight sport motorcycles
  • Touring bikes
  • Larger capacity and faster streetbikes
  • Any motorcycle used on a trackday or race event

Notice the last group encompasses everything used on a race track, the vehicle’s own brake system will take care of the size of pad and rotor you need but RACING is very different to street use of any level and the right compound is essential.

Here is a link to the full range of EBC pad compounds for these groups:

Here is an even better link giving guidance on how to select pad compounds for each style of riding:

if you are only interested in scooter brakes, this is the link for you:

In 2019, EBC launched their D1 version of the top race pad compound, the GPFAX and for 2020 this is being upgraded to the D2 version which shows even more improvements.

With full R and D facilities, EBC run numerous “Link” dynos and test to what we call the Road Americas track simulation. This shows and tests what the brakes will do at every braking point. No other brake company advertises such detail!!!

We can all agree that there are several great brake names out there offering products but the point of this post today is to tell you that, if you choose the right EBC blend we can match or beat anything out there.

If you ever need help or wish to comment please contact us directly, after 40 years in business we rely on repeat customers and will always take care of any and all issues you encounter with an accurate fair and generous response.

Thanks for being an EBC customer.

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