Four-time touring car winner piloted BMWcup-winning 325ti at various UK track days over the winter months

Reigning BTCC victor, Northern Ireland’s Colin Turkington, has swapped his Team BMW WSR touring car for an EBC Brakes-equipped club racing hatchback to keep his track driving skills sharp before official season practice begins.

Enlisting the help of the BMW Car Club Racing’s ‘BMWcup’ championship, Turkington has taken a winning 325ti 3 Series Compact from the league on various track day outings around the UK recently, providing positive feedback on the performance of the EBC Brakes Bluestuff pads that are currently fitted to the vehicle.

Tackling Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Oulton Park, and most recently Snetterton in the race-prepared machine, Turkington could be heard saying he was happy with the performance of the brakes, with the car running the same set of pads for each of the aforementioned stints with no failure.

Bluestuff pads are currently the control friction material for the BMWcup, with the series currently looking to potentially upgrade to EBC Brakes Racing’s motorsport-derived RP-1 pad for the 2020 instalment of the series – something that Turkington is likely to help with the official testing of in the coming weeks.

– The BMWcup is the race series for the much-loved 325ti – aiming to make BMW racing as enjoyable and affordable as possible. For more information, head over to

Bluestuff Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake Pads

Bluestuff NDX is an intermediate-grade track day and race pad making it the material of choice for many club level racers and serious track day enthusiasts. However, due to Bluestuff having excellent cold friction and being very controllable, this compound has also quickly become the brake pad of choice for many street car users too now it has R90 approval on some fitments in the EU.

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