It’s probably no surprise to hear that all of EBC Brakes’ quality products undergo the most rigorous testing possible to ensure they exceed the company’s exacting requirements before being sold around the globe.

We stopped by at the firm’s Bristol-based friction material manufacturing centre recently, to get an exclusive look at EBC Brakes Racing’s formidable Apollo racing caliper, fully-floating 2-piece rotor and RP-1 racing pads being put through their paces on the cutting-edge in-house dyno testing cell.

With the high-performance components repeatedly forced into extreme situations that couldn’t possibly be replicated on the road or track, temperatures soon soared well over the 600°C mark.

It’s a testament to these products that they survived the tests physically unscathed, cementing the fact that they’re a winning choice for those looking for the very best track day and race braking products around.

Enjoy the video below which shows the process in more detail. To find out more about EBC Brakes Racing’s ever-expanding product line-up, click here.

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