Mutation Motorsport’s Mk7 ST race car dominated in guest appearance at Silverstone GP round of the national series

John Cooper can usually be found piloting his formidable Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST race car at the front of the pack during BRSCC’s exciting Fiesta Championship race series.

With the indefinite postponement of future rounds of this championship due to Covid-19, however, Cooper decided to see how his hot hatch fared in a multi-marque race, by entering it into the Silverstone GP round of MSVT’s fiercely-fought Trackday Championship in mid-August.

John’s car is based on a Fiesta ST180 road car, which utilises EBC Brakes Racing’s Apollo-Series calipers, Two-Piece Fully-Floating discs and RP-1™ track/race pads – all of which are recognised upgrades within the Fiesta Championship series he normally races in.

John’s thoughts on the car’s current brake setup and his foray into the  Trackday Championship can be read below.

“EBC Brakes has been involved as development partners on the car’s specification from the very beginning, and the kit that they have developed simply smashes the competition out of the park in every way.

“We have struggled to find a brake setup that works on the ST180 in race conditions, so when Greg at the BRSCC first drafted the specification for the championship car, the brake system was the top priority.

“I am mightily impressed with the braking system developed by EBC. In a race car, the performance gain is as much in how the car stops as in how it goes, and the EBC system simply out-performs all of the other options we tested, regardless of price. The fact that they are so cost effective is a bonus.

“In the BRSCC Fiesta Championship, the cars use full racing slicks, so transitioning to treaded control tyres for the MSVT entry meant we had to guess the setup somewhat for qualifying, therefore I started mid-pack, but with the valuable data gained from the 20-minute qualifying session to adjust the Fiesta’s suspension to suit the tyres for the race.

“The heavens opened for the 45-minute race, and I instantly set the pace, lapping over a second quicker than any other Trackday Championship car, and even mixing it up with the TCRs and Seat Leon Cup cars in the Supercup field, proving this is not just a fast Fiesta, it’s a fast car, period.

“The mixed conditions in the race really showcased the true potential of the new car, and I had a lot of fun mixing it with the Supercup and even TCR cars! To top it off with an overall win in the Trackday Championship was just ace”

John will be back out with the Fiesta Championship at Silverstone on September 13th, and is currently building another ST Turbo car for the championship, along with 15 others already preparing cars for the 2021 season.

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