We’ve undertaken an epic project that will see us develop one of the most formidable Fiesta STs in the country

Now it’s reaching its final stages, we’ve decided to look back at how our ‘Ultimate Fiesta Build’ project has unfolded over the last few months by bringing you our build articles that were originally featured in Fast Ford magazine. This week, it’s Part 6, where we head over to Wakefield-based Pumaspeed to ramp up the power of the hot hatch with some serious engine mods!

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So far with our Ultimate Fiesta Build, we’ve (unsurprisingly) added one of our very own Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kits into the equation, as well as given the car a good scrubbing-up with our friends at Meguiar’s in anticipation of applying a bespoke vinyl wrap that will be applied very soon.

The most recent work carried out on the car, however, revolved around what’s going on under the bonnet with that boosted 1.6-litre engine and believe us when we say that for this round of upgrades, we really didn’t hold back!

The hot hatch was taken over to Wakefield-based Pumaspeed – one of the most comprehensive Ford tuning companies out there, where we gave the talented team the brief of supplying the car with as much power as physically possible whilst retaining stock engine internals.

With some of the finest road, rally and race cars built on this very site, we knew we were in safe hands with Pumaspeed, who offers a range of big-power packages for Fiesta and Focus-badged machinery.

The process started with induction, here the guys added their own R-Sport Stage 3 cold air induction system – able to slurp in much more air than the standard unit.

This takes us onto the turbocharger selected – the new ‘X58EVO’ unit based on the firm’s incredibly popular X57RS item. With bigger exhaust and cold-side blades, this puppy is one of the fastest-spooling big-power turbos money can buy for the humble Fezza right now. It’s combined with one of Forge Motorsport’s Atmospheric Dump Valves to ensure the extra boost is managed with ease.

Keeping things cool is R-Sport’s monstrous Pro 450 intercooler – the largest intercooler Pumaspeed creates for the Mk7. It’s a ‘stepped’ cooler that allows for the biggest core possible – keeping boost temps low regardless of your power and driving style.

In regards to airflow out of the car, Milltek Sport’s full turbo-back exhaust system takes care of business – a non-res race-spec system that gets rid of unwanted gasses fast (and makes an incredible noise to boot).

Pumaspeed’s high-volume race-spec camshaft was next put in the place of the standard item – cleverly allowing the EcoBoost engine to flow a larger volume of fuel into the fuel rail without additional load on the standard fuel pump. Clever stuff!

It goes without saying that there’s also a raft of fuelling, bushing and hose upgrades to tie all of this incredibly impressive hardware together.

Pumaspeed also paid some attention to the gearbox while they were at it, adding one of their own bespoke uprated clutches as well as a Cusco Type RS limited-slip differential (thanks to Co-ordSport for supplying this component). This trick unit promises much more traction optimisation through the front wheels, with such a particularly track-focused item chosen to help us make the most of this pocket rocket on the multiple track days we have planned with it in the future. Finally, one of Pumaspeed’s QuickShifter kits promises to sharpen up the shifts through the manual ‘box even more effectively.

With all these top-quality parts bolted on, the Fiesta was next taken out onto the road where a base map was dialled into the ECU, ensuring it’s safe for us to drive on to our next location – MAXD Out Tuning – where it’ll be fine-tuned on the rolling road to try and hit that fabled 400bhp figure.

It’s safe to say we’ve got a bit of an animal on our hands now. Watch this space for the full results…!

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