EBC supplies the ideal braking components for SUVs carrying heavy loads or those that are towing

With a decrease in options for travelling abroad, 2020 is already becoming widely known as ‘the year of the staycation’, as more holiday-makers than ever decide to load up their cars and explore their home countries instead.

Staycations often mean that vehicles such as SUVs have to carry around particularly large loads to accommodate the likes of luggage, kids, dogs, bikes and roof boxes. This extra load will unsurprisingly add a significant amount of extra weight to your vehicle, meaning it’s more crucial than ever to ensure you have a braking system you can trust on those long drives.

EBC Brakes’ Greenstuff 6000-Series pads are highly recommended for such a task. Regarded as the first-level brake improvement over stock, Greenstuff pads can deliver up to a 15% improvement in stopping power over the car’s factory components.

Crucially for heavier vehicles, however, this improved performance does not come at the expense of a reduced life time, with the 6000-Series variant benefiting from a longer lifespan and better resistance to off-road conditions (such as dust and sand), as well as boasting an extremely low disc wear factor.

Towing a caravan too? EBC Brakes’ Yellowstuff pads supply even more stopping power to help with this demanding task. Yellowstuff pads are renowned for being capable of repeated heavy braking use without ‘fall-off’ and offering minimal disc damage characteristics, whilst remaining R90 type approved for most vehicle applications

Combine either of the above brake pad options with EBC Brakes’ GD Sport discs for a supremely capable brake setup on your SUV. Machined and finished in the UK and USA, these discs are grooved and dimpled for better heat dissipation and cooler running temperatures, with slots to help remove dust, dirt or debris after any off-road exploits.

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