– EBC’s most extreme track day and race brake pad to date, offering unrivalled performance at a competitive price

– Part of a fleet of high-performance products from EBC’s sub-division, EBC Brakes Racing

– Available now for many factory sports car calipers and most aftermarket race caliper fitments

– Proudly designed and built in the UK

Unparalleled Braking Performance

– RP-1 is an all-new track day and race-focused brake pad that sets a new high-water mark in EBC Brakes’ 35-year history of creating world-class braking components.

– Developed from the ground-up by the ‘EBC Brakes Racing’ sub-division, RP-1 is the result of the firm’s engineers being ‘let off the leash’ and assigned with the task of creating the highest-performing brake pad they physically could, with no expense spared.

– The ensuing three years of intense R&D, thousands of hours of dyno testing and, of course, hundreds of laps of the UK’s most demanding race circuits in both track and race-focused cars have all resulted in this: a no-compromised, cutting-edge organic pad that offers extreme braking performance at a lower cost compared to other pads on the market.

– Now readily available for a large number of factory sports car and aftermarket race caliper fitments, RP-1 pads are already proving themselves across the globe in the form of not only race wins but also new lap records.

RP-1 Technical Highlights

– Superb modulation gives unprecedented control and feel throughout each braking event

– Extremely low wear rate with stable friction coefficient, even under the harshest on-track driving conditions

– Pads come thermally bedded, eliminating ‘early-life’ fade and minimising bed-in time

– Stainless-steel backing plates reduce heat conduction, lowering caliper operating temperatures


EBC Brakes Racing

– Formed in 2015 as a response to the ever-expanding track day and race car markets, EBC Brakes Racing is a sub-division of world-leader in the industry, EBC Brakes.

– With modern vehicles becoming increasingly heavy, coupled with ever-higher power outputs, the demand placed on the braking system today is higher than ever. As such, EBC Brakes Racing was born: aiming to offer uncompromised braking products of the finest quality that offer unparalleled levels of performance.

– Several million pounds has already been invested into the development of EBC Brakes Racing’s British-built range of products, which includes the likes of RP-1 pads, Apollo Big Brake Kits and fully-floating two-piece rotors.

– EBC Brakes Racing provides car enthusiasts around the world with quality, UK-made parts at competitive prices, whilst staying true to its mantra of developing braking products that offer unparalleled levels of performance.

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