In our Introducing series, we put EBC-equipped riders and drivers under the spotlight to find out a little more about their impressive motorsport careers

Spencer Peacock’s story of how he entered competitive gymkhana driving events in his NA Mazda MX-5 illustrates just what is possible when you’re passionate enough about something, even when your budget is particularly modest.

Now a well-known name in the national Formula G series, his career has developed impressively in the last few years, seeing Spencer recently purchase a dedicated drift car – an E36 BMW 328 – to add to the fleet. Both cars proudly use EBC Brakes’ GD Sport Rotors and Yellowstuff pads.

Spencer puts the last few eventful years in his own words…

“I bought my Mazda MX-5 as a semi-rolling shell around four years ago. The first step was to get it going as a road-going car, simply because I only had two weeks’ storage available.

“Once it was on the road, I was able to develop the car some more. I was on a very tight budget and was competing in the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint series in 2017. I used to have to drive the car to each event and make sure it was in a fit state to drive home again – quite tricky, especially when you can only fit limited tools into it!

“As time went on and I continued to improve in the series, I converted the Mazda from normally aspirated to force induced. This was a handful, so I took it off the road as the development really started to take shape. Everything apart from the turbo conversion was done on a budget – essentially an ‘eBay build’.

“I had a very fast car on my hands but it took a lifetime to stop. This is where I reached out to EBC Brakes. It was time to replace the budget discs and pads with some GD Sport Rotors and Yellowstuff pads. These are amazing! I couldn’t believe how good the cold bite was, and how late I was able to brake, with my rear wheels locking up easily with just a small pull of my hydraulic handbrake.

“More and more development has taken place with the car over the past few years, with suspension development including drop knuckles, adjustable wishbones and adjustable coilovers. The car now weighs just 836kg (wet) with the engine producing 268bhp pushed through a six-speed gearbox and a hybrid-built differential.

“It’s now a purpose-built Gymkhana car, competing in the Formula G series. It could be used to compete in drift events too, but to me, it is too valuable to risk contact and potentially damage the car. Because of this, in late 2019 I decided to build a separate drift car. I purchased a BMW E36 328 M-Sport – it’s a pretty simple build with just the basic upgrades for drifting applied so far.

“One major player in the game to get me going was EBC Brakes again, who saw the car being built on my social media channels and after meeting up at the Autosport International show, decided to fully support me with the same setup as I run on the MX-5. This actually made me feel quite emotional – it’s not often at all that a company will approach a driver offering support. This is why I love EBC Brakes so much, not only are their products the best on the market, but they have so much behind-the-scenes support too. It’s not just a company name you get to work with, it’s the people there too!

“Thank you EBC for keeping me on the track for another consecutive year.”

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Spencer Peacock uses the following EBC Brakes products:

Yellowstuff Fast Street, Race & Drift Brake Pads

EBC Yellowstuff compound is a true winner all-round. It has high friction from cold, not requiring warm-up for street use, yet when loaded up and really hot the brakes just get better. Even up to truck weights these pads grip and do not heat fade.

GD Sport Rotors

Renowned ‘Turbogrooved’-series disc offers impressive performance in all driving conditions. Grooved and drilled (GD) for optimum heat and airflow when pushed to the limit.

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