Accomplished rider has been successfully using EBC braking products for over five years

Discovering the magic of downhill mountain bike racing in the French Alps over a decade ago, Thom Guibal has forged a successful competitive career in the sport ever since.

With great results in his first year (2010), Guibal then suffered a spell of chronic shoulder injuries, eventually getting back to his A-game to score his first elite rankings in national cups.

In 2016, he was selected to participate in his first World Cup with both teams France and Canada, and also now acts as an ambassador for the aforementioned French Alps bike park where his love affair with mountain biking began.

Guibal has proudly used EBC Brakes’ Gold Disc Brake Pads and Oversized Brake Discs on his Scott Gambler bike throughout the five years he’s been supported by the company, with his thoughts on the products mentioned below in his own words.

“I’m still so happy about the efficiency of EBC’s braking system.

“In my sport, the management of braking is such an important thing to control and helps to gain seconds through each race.

“As a rider that likes progressive braking in my steering, I find EBC Brakes’ discs and pads are the perfect combo for downhill racing.”

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Thom Guibal uses the following EBC Brakes product:

EBC Gold Disc Brake Pads

With an extremely high friction material rating, EBC Brakes’ sintered gold-grade bicycle pads will last longer and brake stronger than anything you can buy. Made in the USA, this is a high-quality pad used as original equipment by the world’s greatest names in bicycle brakes. These pads are great value for money and for the everyday bike rider, these are the choice to make.

EBC Oversized Bike Brake Discs

EBC oversize bicycle brake discs are simple to install and the conversion kit upgrades your stopping power by up to 20%. The kits are available in two upgrade size options.

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