EBC Brakes Racing is pleased to announce new additions to our range of Big Balanced Brake Kits in October 2019

Our Big Balanced Brake Kits offer one giant leap for the performance brake market with BBKs now available for the Mazda RX-8 and BMW M3 (E36) and M3 (E46).

Choose from red, blue, black or yellow calipers.

Balanced Big Brake Kit
2-Piece Fully-Floating Brake DiscBrief Fitment
BBK001RED/1Mazda RX-8
BBK001BLK/1Mazda RX-8
BBK001YEL/1Mazda RX-8
BBK001BLU/1Mazda RX-8
BBK001RED/2Mazda RX-8
BBK001BLK/2Mazda RX-8
BBK001YEL/2Mazda RX-8
BBK001BLU/2Mazda RX-8
BBK003RED/1BMW M3 (E36)
BBK003BLK/1BMW M3 (E36)
BBK003YEL/1BMW M3 (E36)
BBK003BLU/1BMW M3 (E36)
BBK003RED/2BMW M3 (E36)
BBK003BLK/2BMW M3 (E36)
BBK003YEL/2BMW M3 (E36)
BBK003BLU/2BMW M3 (E36)
BBK013RED/1BMW M3 (E46)
BBK013BLK/1BMW M3 (E46)
BBK013YEL/1BMW M3 (E46)
BBK013BLU/1BMW M3 (E46)

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