EBC Brakes Motorcycle Division is pleased to announce new additions to our product range.

New to range – Clutches for Harley-Davidson Models

EBC Brakes are now producing clutch kits for most of the Harley Davidson™ range. Please visit our where to buy page or contact your local distributor to find the correct fitment for your motorcycle.

EBC Standard CK Series Clutch Plates
Complete engine sets of stack height controlled friction plates featuring our unique alloy particle impregnated clutch facings that prevent burn up or slippage. Every CK kit is matched and measured to give you a perfect stack height.

EBC SRC Replacement Clutch Set
An aramid paper lined plate set complete with heavy duty clutch springs of either coil or diaphragm type. Advantages of the SRC aramid series are a longer life and higher heat resistance. This clutch has a more aggressive and faster over the CK cork series.

EBC SRK Replacement Clutch Set
The SRK series includes a full engine set of aramid lined friction plates, heavy duty clutch springs of either the coil spring or diaphragm type, together with a full engine set of steel separator plates.

EBC CSK Coil & Diaphragm Clutch Spring Kits
Complete engine sets of heat treated and tempered steel coil springs or diaphragm springs giving 10-15% more clamp pressure than standard.

EBC Clutch Tools
Available for most modern motorcycle configurations. The EBC tools can hold the basket or the plate hub to allow loosening or tightening of the retaining bolts minimising the risk of damage of the engine and clutch parts.

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