Want the latest news about EBC Brakes’ range of motorcycle pads? Steer yourself away from those 10-year-old forum posts and recycled third-party news stories, and check out today’s up-to-date article below, that will tell you everything you need to know…

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves that EBC Brakes is (very probably) the largest aftermarket motorcycle brake pad manufacturer in the world, having produced over 60 million brake pad sets since being established over 35 years ago. EBC Brakes has manufacturing plants in both the UK and USA, and is probably the biggest producer of discs and pads in those markets. So, it stands to reason that EBC Brakes’ products must be of decent quality, or they wouldn’t be here today.

Ensuring customers choose the correct compound is every brake pad manufacturer’s biggest challenge. Conflicting information and trends often make riders select the incorrect compounds for their needs, producing poor performance which often results in negative reviews online. We at EBC will do our best to stop all negative online reviews with this post.To start things off, let’s group the types of motorcycles we typically see on the roads:

  • Scooters under 100cc
  • Scooters above 100cc
  • Dual-purpose adventure sport motorcycles including enduro-style models
  • Lightweight sports motorcycles
  • Touring bikes
  • Large-capacity motorcycles including superbikes
  • Any superbike used solely for track day and race events

Notice that the last group mentioned encompasses everything used on a race track. The vehicle’s own brake system will take care of the size of pad and rotor you need, but racing is very different to street use on any level, and the correct compound is essential.

  • Here is a link to the full range of EBC Brakes pad compounds for these groups: CLICK HERE
  • Here is an even better link showing how to select pad compounds for each style of riding: CLICK HERE
  • If you are only interested in scooter brakes, this is your link: CLICK HERE

In 2019, EBC Brakes launched its D-1 version of the top race pad compound, under the ‘GPFAX’ model category. For 2020, this is being upgraded to the D-2 version, which boasts even more improvements.

With full R&D facilities, EBC Brakes runs numerous Link dyno tests, under what it refers to as the ‘Road America track simulation’. This shows and tests what the brakes will do at every braking point – something that no other brake company advertises in such detail!

We can all agree that there are several great brake names out there offering products, but the point of this blog today is to tell you that if you choose the correct EBC Brakes blend, you really can match or beat anything else out there.

If you ever need help or wish to comment, please contact us directly. After over 35 years in business, we rely on repeat customers and will always take care of any and all issues you encounter with an accurate, fair and generous response.

Thanks for being a valued EBC Brakes customer.

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