Floating Big Twin Rotors and Double-H™ Sintered Pads are the perfect match for larger motorcycles

Motorcyclists enjoy nothing more than to talk about how fast their machines are, but stopping power is just as important as horsepower. Nearly all machines leave the production line with brake components that don’t match the engine’s power and performance.

EBC Brakes offers an upgrade that will improve the braking performance of any big twin cruiser.

Arguably nowhere is this trend seen more than in the big twin market, where one look at the disc mounting is likely to reveal a one-piece brake disc. This relatively easy and cost-saving option to produce drops off when it comes to a more demanding riding condition or style where everything begins to overheat. Solid discs don’t dissipate heat as well as floating brake discs. The pad heats up which transfers heat into the disc and then may lead to alignment issues, causing brake fade.

EBC Brakes produces floating brake discs for all big twin cruisers, which will provide the brake disc with improved heat dissipation, alignment and braking performance. Floating brake discs are the perfect upgrade option for all big twin cruisers. Available in polished stainless, black chrome and black satin hub finishes. Combined with EBC’s sintered Double-H™ (HH) brake pad, this will certainly enhance the look of your ride whilst improving the braking performance of your prized possession.

Floating brakes discs offer the full-floating feature where the disc has room to expand relative to the hub, when hot. This movement is permitted with EBC’s patented square drive (SD) button system, allowing the discs to expand and contract freely under heavy braking to help eliminate distortion which can lead to vibration (note: always fit new pads when fitting new brake discs).

EBC’s Double-H™ Sintered Pads are the perfect match for stainless steel discs, developed together, to offer the best bite, braking consistency and longevity. ‘Double H™’ relates to the H-grade of the friction rating, which these pads proudly boast. This is the highest-available grade when both hot and cold. Upgrading to EBC’s Double H™ Sintered Pads and the floating brake disc provide the rider with greater confidence with their stopping power.

EBC Brakes is one of the largest manufacturers of aftermarket motorcycle braking components in the world with R&D and combined manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA; it’s the go-to brand for those who take their stopping power as seriously as their engine performance.

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More information on the products mentioned:

Floating Big Twin Rotors

For Harley Davidson®, Indian®, Victory® or ground-up custom built bikes, we have them all. EBC Brakes’ black-chrome rotor for big twins is a polished stainless and black chrome centre hub finish range of fully floating brake discs/rotors for all US-built big twins and cruisers.

EBC Double-H™ Sintered Brake Pads

Double-H™ Sintered Brake Pads deliver high performance and are well-known as the EBC flagship sintered streetsport brake pad. These ultra-high friction ‘HH’-rated brake pads remain a market leader above the rest.

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