New range of motorsport-derived components offer significant braking improvements for this much-loved Japanese super-saloon

Since the launch of the tenth and final Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution over a decade ago, it’s safe to say that respect for this rally-bred icon has only increased, with its pure, honest and still-formidable performance becoming more and more appealing as time goes on.

With a large proportion of Evo X owners continuing to enjoy their turbocharged toys the way they were designed to be driven both on back roads and race tracks around the world, EBC Brakes Racing is pleased to showcase its range of high-performance braking components for the model.

The components offer unparalleled levels of braking performance for all Evo X models (apart from the FQ 400), and more details can be found on each product below.

EBC Brakes Racing Two-Piece Fully-Floating Discs

For road and track use

EBC’s two-piece fully-floating 350mm discs are a simple bolt-on upgrade for the front axle of the Evo X that seamlessly replace the original units without vehicle modification.

Key Features:

– Fully-floating discs allow the outer cast-iron friction ring to expand freely with temperature, totally eliminating disc ‘warping’.

– Unlike the original discs, these are grooved, allowing the pad to ventilate heat much more efficiently.

– Race-derived G3500 grade high-carbon cast-iron is used for the friction rings. This high-quality metallurgy possesses greater crack resistance and an increased ability to conduct and then radiate heat.

– Aluminium bells are machined from aerospace-grade aluminium and then hard anodised for longevity, whereas the stock brake rotors use uncoated cast aluminium bells.

– Cast-iron friction rings feature 48-curved vanes and are handed for each side of the vehicle. This significantly improves the brake discs’ ability to radiate heat, increasing brake system endurance and prolonging the onset of brake fade.

– Bobbins are machined from stainless steel which cannot rust, ensuring the disc continues to float freely throughout its entire life cycle on the vehicle, even on road cars.

– Spring clips ensure totally silent operation and eliminate off-brake disc rattle.

– Friction rings can be replaced individually after they have become worn, allowing the aluminium bell and stainless steel bobbins to be re-used, leading to lower long-term operating costs.

– Shaves crucial kilograms off the vehicle’s un-sprung rotational mass, leading to sharper turn in, improved tyre road holding, better fuel economy and an increase in power at the wheels.

EBC Brakes Racing ‘RP’ Pads

For track use only

EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ and RP-X™ track/race pads set a new high-water mark in EBC Brakes’ 35-year history of creating world-class braking components. Available for the Evo X’s factory calipers on both the front and rear axles, and fully compatible with our Two-Piece Fully-Floating Discs.

Key Features:

– Superb modulation gives unprecedented control and feel throughout each braking event.

– Extremely low wear rate with stable friction coefficient, even under the harshest on-track driving conditions.

– Pads come thermally bedded, eliminating ‘early-life’ fade and minimising bed-in time.

– Stainless-steel backing plates reduce heat conduction, lowering caliper operating temperatures.

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff and Bluestuff Pads

For road and track use

Yellowstuff and Bluestuff pads are the ultimate braking upgrade for high-powered vehicles driven fast on road or frequently driven on track. Available for the Evo X’s factory calipers on both the front and rear axles and fully compatible with our Two-Piece Fully-Floating Discs.

Key Features:

– Yellowstuff: EBC’s flagship fast road and light track pad for all higher-powered cars and SUVs.

– Bluestuff: EBC’s fastest street, endurance race and track material with highest friction from cold.

EBC Brakes Brake Lines

Complement any of the above disc/pad combos with EBC’s braided brake lines.

Key Features:

– Manufactured from the highest quality materials, with braided stainless steel PTFE hose and grade 303 stainless steel precision machined fittings.

– Offers supremely improved durability and improved pedal response, regardless of brake temperatures.

Get Yours

– Prices start from £102.95

– Save 50% on the price of the pads when you purchase an EBC front pad & two-piece disc kit (available with either RP or Yellow/Bluestuff pads).

– Available to buy now from (UK) and your local EBC stockist

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