Alex Vane fitted 330mm EBC Brakes Racing kit to Fiesta ST Performance Edition

The EBC Brakes Racing Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit has proven extremely popular with Ford-badged hot hatches and for good reason, with the package helping to transform these cars’ stopping power for the better.

Another recent happy customer is Alex Vane here, who fitted a 330mm variant of the upgrade kit with red calipers to his Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition.

EBC’s Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit boasts four-piston ‘Apollo’ calipers for the front axle, as well as the firm’s acclaimed two-piece floating discs. Unlike other packages, it also comes with uprated discs and pads for the rear axle, providing a ‘balanced’ improvement across the whole vehicle.

Alex has already experienced a huge improvement in braking performance when testing the new setup on the road, with more modifications and track time on the cards in the near future.

Alex’s thoughts on the big brake kit can be read in his own words below.

“The kit was very easy to install at home on the driveway, thanks to the fantastic instructions included.

“I am still bedding it all in for now, but they have already given me so much more confidence in the car – they feel incredible even just driving around normally on the road!

“I can’t wait to test them out on track days…”

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Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit

EBC Brakes’ new Balanced Big Brake Kits represent the ultimate upgrade in braking performance, offering significant reductions in stopping distances whether used on road or on track.

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