Track day regular enjoyed the performance offered from the components in his modified Honda hot hatch

Over the last few years, Ross Carrigan has piloted his impressively-spec’d EP3 Honda Civic Type R around the majority of the UK’s race tracks during track day events.

As well as several engine and suspension upgrades, the car also boasts a set of Renault Megane RS250 Brembo brake calipers and J-hook discs on the front axle.

To match this capable setup, Ross has been on the hunt for a suitable set of track-focused brake pads that hit the sweet spot between high performance, a low wear rate and a high resistance to fade.

After hearing good things about EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ track/race pads recently, he soon snapped up a set of these components ahead of another track day at the demanding Cadwell Park Circuit in Louth, Lincolnshire.

You can read his thoughts on the pads following the day’s action below.

“I’ve tried several other brands of brake pads for my Civic Type R track car with varying results.

“First, Ferodo DS2500s offered good cold performance, but I didn’t get on with them when they were hot. Next I tried PBS’ Prorace. This was a good pad, but had an extremely short lifespan when it came to wear rate. I then tried CL Brakes’ RC6 pads, which are very good, but too pricey and killed the discs I run.

“I’ve never tried EBC pads before now, but after reading up on the new ‘RP’ compounds, it interested me enough to test them for myself. I therefore went ahead and purchased a set of RP-1™ pads from EBC Brakes Direct.

“I run uprated J-hook disks and Megane RS250 calipers, so finding the right pad to suit can be tough.

“Shipping was super-quick and when I removed the pads from the box, I was instantly impressed. The stainless-steel backing plates just look the business!

“After fitting them and bedding them in (which was remarkably straightforward), it was time to test them out at Cadwell Park Circuit.

“First, I performed two warm-up laps, then it was full steam ahead. The pads gave fantastic, consistent stopping power, zero fade for over 25 laps and were super easy to modulate.

“I can’t wait to next try the RP-X™ compound. If they are anything like the RP-1™, I will be extremely happy. Thanks EBC!”

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Ross tested the following EBC Brakes Racing product:

RP-1™ Track/Race Pad Compound

One of EBC Brakes Racing’s all-new ‘RP’ track/race brake pad compounds, designed to offer the ultimate in performance in on-circuit conditions. RP-1™ boasts a flat friction response averaging 0.45mu and is capable of operating at temperatures of up to 7500C without brake fade.

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