Aiden Crockett tried out the high-performance friction material in his Forge Motorsport Big Brake Kit-adorned hot hatch

Track day regular, Aiden Crockett, was recently on the search for some replacement brake pads for his trusty Hyundai i30N track tool.

Upgraded with many modifications including a Forge Motorsport big brake kit, he eventually decided to purchase EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1 and RP-X track/race compounds for his hot hatch after hearing good things about them online.

Aiden’s thoughts on these products can be read below in his own words.

“I found myself needing new discs and pads for the front of my Hyundai i30N after a fair amount of track days, but as the car is mainly used on track, I thought I would replace the standard brake setup for something more purpose built and track orientated, so I ordered myself the Forge Motorsport six-pot big brake kit.

“As this caliper utilises a very common pad shape, as used in many aftermarket calipers, this opened up a whole horizon of pads and compounds for me to choose from. Being a Ferodo user for the past eight years, using a wide variety of their pads (mainly DS1.11 and DS3.12), I thought my mind was made up and I’d order myself a set of DS1.11 pads to accompany the nice new brake kit, but a problem arose that I could not ignore – the new EBC Brakes Racing RP-X and RP-1 range.”

“I simply couldn’t ignore the reviews I was seeing on countless forums and social media platforms on these new pads… positive review after positive review. When I looked into it and selected my pad shape through one of EBC’s suppliers, I was then told that, at the time, they were on a buy-one-get-one-free offer! Being almost half the price of the Ferodo pads, I couldn’t see a negative of giving them a try.

“The brake kit landed, followed by my RP-1 pads and free set of RP-X pads. The brake kit and RP-X pads were fitted the next day and bedded in, then I was off to Blyton Park for a club event in 30°C heat.

“From the first session, I was blown away by the performance of the brakes: consistent high initial bite, excellent feel through the pedal and modulation with not a single hint of brake fade despite the temperatures on the day. Lap after lap, I found myself getting more and more confident in the brakes and gradually braking later and later at each corner.

“With Blyton Park being renowned for being fairly heavy on brakes, I was expecting issues with brake temps but the RP-X pads did not yield! Session after session, they took an absolute pounding and if anything, got better and better. The discs still looked brand new afterwards too – not much brake dust compared to the Ferodo pads I’ve run in the past and still tonnes of life left in the pad.

“I’m looking forward to trying the RP-1 compound next during my next track outing.

“I can’t see myself switching from the RP range anytime soon. This is better than anything EBC has created for track use before.
I urge you to try this pad range before turning your nose up. Well done EBC!”

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Aiden Crockett uses the following EBC Brakes Racing products:

RP-X™ Track/Race Pad Compound

New for 2020, RP-X™ is an ultra-high-performance track/race pad that offers aggressive response with high initial bite from cold. Best for heavy, high-powered track vehicles/race cars.

RP-1™ Track/Race Pad Compound

EBC Brakes Racing’s dedicated motorsport pad RP-1™ pairs high-performance with unprecedented modulation and control, resulting in a track pad that feels uniquely different to the competition and allows drivers to extract every last tenth from each and every braking zone.

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