Phat Nguyen gives positive feedback after plenty of hard driving around his favourite scenic back-roads

California-based Porsche aficionado, Phat Nguyen, has been familiar with the impressive capabilities of EBC Brakes’ Yellowstuff fast road/track day brake pads for some time, having used them in his dedicated 987 Porsche Cayman track car in recent years (more on this car very soon).

Keen to see if this celebrated friction material would offer equally impressive levels of performance in his fast road car, he recently fitted a set to his eye-catching 981 Porsche Cayman, too, before promptly heading to some of the state’s famously rewarding canyon roads to see how they fared.

His positive post-drive thoughts reflect those of many other driving enthusiasts around the globe, with Nguyen particularly happy with the pad’s abilities to span both road and track driving so effectively…

“Going with EBC Yellowstuff pads on my 981 was an excellent choice. I was looking for a pad that stopped a bit harder than stock, that was 100% useable for the street, and that didn’t fade after some time on the windy canyon roads.

“Having used the same pads on my 987 track car, I knew they would be exactly what I was looking for, especially when things like noise, dust, cold bite, cost and increased performance are all important factors to consider.

“With a car that can be driven on the road daily and also taken to a track day, one end to the other, the Yellowstuff pads can do both. Its sweet-spot is dancing somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, and a spirited drive around the canyons is the perfect example of where this pad shines.

“Their dusting is very light. A spray from a high-pressure hose is all I need to blast most of the dust off. It’s not the kind of dust that seems to cake on the wheels that needs some elbow grease to get off. I’ve run ceramic pads before for virtually no dust, but never on a car I actually drive hard.

“Yellowstuff pads also make no noise. I’ll be honest, when I was still breaking them they did make some noise, but since they were bedded in they have gone completely silent.

“When these factors are no longer a concern and I need something more aggressive for the track, that’s when I make the switch to Orangestuff pads, and am going to be giving EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X pads a shot next, too. But for this Cayman and what I use it for, Yellowstuff has been the perfect pad. Not to mention the fact they cost less than OEM pads… the bang-for-buck makes it a no-brainer!”

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Yellowstuff Fast Street, Race & Drift Brake Pads

EBC Yellowstuff compound is a true winner all-round. It has high friction from cold, not requiring warm-up for street use, yet when loaded up and really hot the brakes just get better. Even up to truck weights these pads grip and do not heat fade.

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