EBC-equipped driver missed first 2021 round thanks to pre-season shakedown incident

Spencer Peacock, a well-known name in the Formula G gymkhana championship, secured some impressive results at the second 2021 round of the series.

Some damage to his EBC-equipped Mazda MX-5 obtained in a pre-season shakedown meant that he sadly had to miss round one, but was back with a bang as the series carried out its second leg at Santa Pod Raceway in mid-May.

Spencer uses Yellowstuff pads and GD discs on his modified Mazda, and his thoughts on how the weekend panned out can be viewed below in his team’s words.

“Round two of the Formula G championship saw the return of Spencer Peacock’s gymkhana-spec Mazda MX-5.

“Spencer recently had a pre-season shakedown incident which meant his car wasn’t able to be driven at the first round. With the return of the rebuilt car, Spencer had some new alignment setups under his sleeve ready to be tested for the first time at the Gymkhana event.

“Spencer spent the morning testing his new setup, gaining more and more traction after every run and suspension tweak. After eight practice runs, Spencer had the car fully set up to his preferred preference and was then able to really start getting the track under his belt.

“After a few hard practice runs of getting the track right, Spencer was 100% happy with how his car was working and decided to sit some practice out to save his tyres for qualifying and battles.”

“Spencer was out to qualify in the first qualification group which meant he was hoping for the unpredictable Santa Pod Raceway weather to be on his side. On his last two runs, the weather started to change and it started to lightly rain making the track start to change and become slightly greasy. With hot tyres and brakes, Spencer wasn’t worried as he knew his car’s temperament was on his side and managed to put down another two solid runs which gave him a 4th-place qualification. In front of Spencer was a two-time world champion and a seasoned driver so Spencer couldn’t be happier with the result.

“Soon came the battles. Spencer’s first battle was against an S14 Nissan Silvia, who Spencer beat by a few seconds meaning he was though to the Great 8. The next battle, Spencer was leading both runs by a small margin, but a puncture left him fighting hard to keep the car straight and just missed out on the Top 4 battles by a blink of an eye.

“Spencer is now hoping to make a comeback in the championship with three rounds to go, with the rebuilt car and solid setup.

“Thank you to EBC Brakes for continuing to support his motorsport campaign. EBC always supply the best of the best products and have a great team who always kindly support him on and off track.”

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Spencer Peacock uses the following EBC Brakes products:

Yellowstuff Fast Street, Race & Drift Brake Pads

EBC Yellowstuff compound is a true winner all-round. It has high friction from cold, not requiring warm-up for street use, yet when loaded up and really hot the brakes just get better. Even up to truck weights these pads grip and do not heat fade.

GD Sport Rotors

Renowned ‘Turbogrooved’-series disc offers impressive performance in all driving conditions. Grooved and drilled (GD) for optimum heat and airflow when pushed to the limit.

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