We put one of the best-selling 125cc scooters under the spotlight to showcase our range of braking components for this much-loved platform

Sales of powered two-wheelers, or ‘scooters’ as we all affectionately know them as, have significantly increased throughout 2020 as consumers and commuters look for more independent ways to get from A to B, especially in urban areas.

As with most other types of vehicle, EBC Brakes proudly produces an impressive range of high-performance braking components for the scooter market, with some highlights of the range showcased below with Honda PCX125 applications.

Within the Honda PCX125 range, there are currently three model variations that span three different brake pad designs and two different types of discs, so it’s vital you choose the correct products for you when ordering braking components.

EBC Brakes Discs for Scooters

– EBC Brakes MD-Series Discs

The EBC MD-series scooter discs are a stainless steel (INOX) exact size and shape replacement for original discs. Not only are these discs made from a mill-rolled steel, they are also mechanically de-stressed to avoid any chance of disc distortion and the surface is finished for precise smoothness. These discs replace your original discs exactly and require no changes, simply install with new pads and you’re all set.

– EBC Brakes VR-Series Discs

Not only are the EBC VR-profiled scooter discs the lightest and best-looking on the market, they are again made in the UK using mill-rolled, heat-treated and precision-ground stainless steel, and can be used with all aftermarket and OEM pads. The VR-Series scooter discs improve brake feel and are available for all modern scooters of all engine sizes, front & rear.

EBC Brakes Pads for Scooters

– EBC Brakes SFA Organic Pads

These OE-replacement scooter brake pads are ideal for everyday use on modern scooters. British-made using aramid fibres, offering improved braking performance, above-average lifetime and reduced disc wear.

Scooters have evolved over recent years, with models up to 800cc and beyond. Because of this, EBC Brakes also offers two performance-focused brake pad materials to improve braking performance:

– EBC Brakes SFAC Carbon-Series Brake Pads improve braking performance and durability.

– EBC Brakes HH Sintered Brake Pads feature ultra-high-friction sintered brake pad material for the ultimate stopping power and long life.


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