Team behind Honda tuning specialist were impressed with RP-1 pads and floating rotors fitted to their FK8 Civic Type R

Cheshire-based TDI North has for many years been known as one of the most respectable specialist Honda performance outfits in the UK and beyond.

Something that sets the firm apart from the rest is the fact that it always has its own impressive project car on the go, usually fettled to an impressive track specification alongside the raft of customer cars that pass through its doors each week.

The team is currently developing an example of the latest-generation (FK8) Honda Civic Type R – a fierce machine out of the box that TDI North has unsurprisingly made a whole lot more competent with the help of substantial power and chassis enhancements.

The car is taken on regular track days and other circuit-based events to test the various new parts that are applied to it. This month is no exception, with the hatchback receiving some EBC Brakes Racing fully-floating two-piece front rotors and RP-1 race pads, that were then given the baptism of fire in the form of a track day at North Wales’ demanding Anglesey Circuit.

The feedback from the team below confirms the experienced drivers behind TDI North were very impressed with the results.

“They seem to be miles better than the OEM discs and pads, they seem to be absolutely perfect.

“The braking force seems to be a lot better, starting with gradual braking coming to a stop. We were surprised that giving a little more force anchored on when you needed it. This is a big comfort over the OEM discs and pads that seem to fade over time from gradual braking.

“Track testing started off really well – they performed 10x better than expected.

“They got better over time the more we used them and the hotter they got, the better they performed.

“The discs seem absolutely perfect and we didn’t feel them heat up on track to the point where they could not cope with the over-braking needed at times, we are very impressed with the discs alone.

“We have continued to use these [discs] on the road afterwards, and they have not failed at all, even after a hard day of track use.

“Overall – very happy with the products.”

RP-1 Racing Brake Pads

After two years of research and testing, EBC Brakes launches its flagship race pad material to complete the line-up of performance and track pads currently offered – called RP-1.

Fully-Floating 2-Piece Brake Rotors

EBC Brakes Racing’s new range of fully-floating 2-piece brake rotors injects a new level of quality to high performance brake components. Craftsmanship meets fine materials in our highest performing rotor to date.

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