The team behind the acclaimed Pennsylvania-based firm was impressed with the friction material’s abilities to span road and track performance so effectively

Last week, we brought you news of YouTuber Joe Achilles putting EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ track/race pad through its paces in his BMW M2 at Snetterton Circuit. This week’s news focuses on a very similar car, but on the other side of the pond.

Valvetronic Designs is a well-known performance exhaust manufacturer based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Comprised of a group of Lehigh University engineers and founded by front-man Austin Huffman, the outfit employs multiple skilled welders to provide the highest quality products possible for a range of premium cars.

Austin recently took Valvetronic’s demo car – a BMW M2 equipped with its striking ‘safety car’ livery – to two separate New Hampshire track days across one weekend. For both days, the car was fitted with EBC Brakes’ Bluestuff NDX fast road/track pads, with Austin giving the following thoughts on how these components fared…

“I’ve been fortunate that throughout the calamities in life, I’ve been able to get out on track to relieve some stress. When I picked up my M2 a few months back, it was running the stock OEM pads which were lacking in performance on the street. As I was longing for more performance, I decided to pick up a set of EBC Bluestuff pads for the front and rear, and my goodness, these made such a big difference.

“On the road, the Bluestuff pads give more assurance than the OEM pads, even at cold temperatures. I daily-drive my M2 and was very concerned that these pads would be too noisy and rough for daily street use. Happily, they barely have any noise, even when cold and don’t require much heat to work. Even on the street, I was able to feel the added response and bite from the pads. Feedback from the pedal is sharper and you have to dig for the brakes much less, even on the street. I am very pleased with their abilities for daily use.

“On the track, I was very impressed. This past weekend I did two events, giving these pads proper testing. The first event was at Club Motorsports in New Hampshire. This track is very fast and requires you to dig deep into the braking zones as some corners you are traveling downhill. I found the pad gave me much more reassurance to late break and trail brake into the apex of the corner. I did 20-minute sessions and then came off for cooldown, but the pads still felt like they had much more to give in them each time.

“After this event, I did a brake flush and went out for another event at Canaan Motorsports Park. The new fluid helped the overall pedal feel and gave me even more confidence in the brakes. Towards the end of this day, I did realize that my rotors were suffering a lot more than the pads. After a few more sessions I noticed the stock rotors getting some stress cracks from the heat. The pads surpassed my expectations on track big time!

“In conclusion, these pads are a vital to upgrade for someone who wants a little bit more street performance from their brakes and those who are going to do light track work with their M2. What I love most about these pads is the fact that they give you such reassurance on-track, but don’t have any drawbacks on the street. EBC really did a great job with these and they definitely have my vote for an OEM+ pad upgrade.

“Thank you, guys, for producing such great products, I ran some great times, lap-after-lap, with no fade…”

Thanks to Thomas Pitasi for the images.

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EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads

Bluestuff NDX is an intermediate-grade track day and race pad making it the material of choice for many club level racers and serious track day enthusiasts. However, due to Bluestuff having excellent cold friction and being very controllable, this compound has also quickly become the brake pad of choice for many street car users too now it has R90 approval on some fitments in the EU.

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