‘Masters of stopping power’ EBC produce Armored vehicle brakes

Armored vehicle brakes

Armored vehicles place higher demands on brakes and can be subject to brake fade and loss of braking due to the heavier loads involved. If using the original caliper system, it is highly recommended to upgrade the pads and discs to sport versions such as the EBC Bluestuff NDX range pads and GD series sport rotors.

Photo: EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuff NDX grade is a high friction, high brake effect pad that is ideal for armored vehicle brakes. The friction level of the EBC Bluestuff pads is high and stays high through the braking cycle.

EBC Bluestuff Performance Graph
To even further improve braking on armored vehicles, a vented and wide aperture slotted disc or rotor design is advisable and the GD series rotors are ideal for this application having been shown to operate 50-60 degrees cooler in the same conditions as a standard non slotted rotor.
Photo: EBC GD Sport Brake Rotor
The slots also have the added benefit of disc cleaning where dust, dirt, water and debris are actively channeled away from the braking area under load.
In their specialty materials division, EBC Brakes also produce sintered copper carbon alloy brake pads for military applications such as the Humvee and even UK built tanks and have been supplying military applications of these for years.
EBC Humvee brake pads
To perfect the braking system braided hoses should be added to protect rubber lines from fire and laceration damage and also to firm up the brake pressure due to reduce sponging of original rubber lines.
EBC brakes have also been tested in desert army applications of armored and heavily loaded military vehicles.


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