Drive safely with EBC Brakes on Road Safety Week image
Drive safely with EBC Brakes on Road Safety Week!

EBC Brakes are keen to share information and tips on how to drive safely this week as it’s Road Safety Week. Starting today and for the rest of this week EBC will be posting daily tips about how to prevent accidents by being safety aware.


Road Safety Week is an annual project and also the UK’s biggest road safety event involving thousands of organisations, schools and communities that has been up and running since 1997. This year Road Safety Week is running from 21st to 27th November 2016. The event is organised by Brake whose mission is to raise awareness about road safety and offer lots of helpful information in the form of posters, action packs, online videos and other professional resources such as downloads etc. They also provide the opportunity to become involved and create donations for such an important cause.


EBC Brakes are keen to give advice on driving safely and most of all remind motorist, motorcyclist’s and mountain bike riders alike the importance of having good working brake products fitted to their vehicle of choice by professionals such as brake fitting centres. Visit the EBC articles area to see lots of useful information on Fitting and replacing automotive brakes, Fitting and replacing motorcycle brakes and responsible mountain bike driving.

Visit the EBC article pages index for more: /ebc-technical-brake-articles/


Visit the Road Safety Week website to get involved and find out some valuable information on how to promote safe driving. Click the link below:

Road Safety Week website link

Or visit the Road Safety Week social media sites at the following links:
Twitter Facebook “YouTube Wordpress “Linkedin “Instagram Vimeo



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