EBC Frenos have just been at the second event of the Spanish Drift Championship in Cheste circuit, Valencia.

Here is a brief summary of the championship:


Great performance of the members of the Carbon-S/Monster team!
It was a fantastic race day, the event was celebrated at the circuit of Ricardo Tormo in Cheste. This circuit was built as a scale replica of the legendary Japanese circuit of Ebisu.

Atila was proclaimed winner on Saturday while David Infantes obtained a third position.
On Sunday David Infantes end in a second position followed by Atila in a third  place.
Both pilots used EBC Brakes GD Sport Rotors and Bluestuff brake pads.



David Infantes


Nino Crack


Ninocrack  was able to obtain a fourth place on Saturday even having had an accident against the wall in the early morning and without training.
Ninocrack is the only pilot in Drift who competes with a spinal injury, but nothing can stop him going to the top: Ninocrack has EBC Yellowstuff brake pads fitted in his car

We wish the best for the pilots in the next events.  Good luck!

Read more on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/EBCfrenos.es?hc_location=timeline

Here are some more photographs of the weekend event:
EBC Frenos – Facebook Photos 1
EBC Frenos – Facebook Photos 2
EBC Frenos – Facebook Photos 3

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  1. ninocrack is badass and a legend in the Spanish drift community


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