26 Feb 2013
February 26, 2013

EBC outnumbered at Saints v Bath match

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Saturdays fixture at the Saints Franklin Gardens ground at Northampton saw one of EBC Brakes top motorcycle distributors turn up in some very nasty Bath shirts.

Being from down in the West Country Rob and Karen turn up with four of their daughters who are keen Rugby fans and big Bath supporters.

Great match and the Northampton team who are supported by EBC Brakes came good with a narrow win.

Rob Hunter operates a network of distribution depots across the UK and has distributed EBC brakes exclusively for over 30 years.

EBC Brakes based in Northampton produce the largest range of Motorcycle brakes and clutches in the world and are a clear market leader in many western markets with their quality Aramid fiber brake pads, X and XC brake rotors and market leader Double-H™ sintered pads.


Organic Motorcycle Brakes
EBC aramid fibre brake pads are Europe’s first ECE R90 approved brake pad! As proved by R90 compliance, these pads brake as well as sintered pads.

Manufactured in our own EFI factory in Bristol, England, the EBC Aramid series has now been renamed Non-Asbestos Organic or NAO series, although we still use a well known aramid fibre that is mixed with with other high tech fibres that have been introduced to the market.

Read more on our website here: EBC Organic Motorcycle Brakes


Double-H™ Sintered Superbike Pads
The undisputed and true king of motorcycle brake pads! EBC Double-H™ pads are the top choice of street legal brake pads you can buy for the best grip.

Made from sintered copper alloy, these brake pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power.  EBC Double-H Superbike pads™ are perfect braking under all riding conditions, be it wet, dry, hot or cold. Unique stainless steel radiator plates are fitted when required to reduce heat transer into the hydraulics of the motorbike. The double segment vented design is totally unique and keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.

Read more on the EBC Brakes site here: EBC Double-H Superbike Pads™


EBC X & XC Series – Fully Floating Front Disc/Rotor
EBC ProLite XC contour rotors are the toughest and also the lightest sport and race brake rotors you can put on your motorbikes for many reasons and here is why these are best.

EBC X Series – Fully Floating Front Disc/Rotors are ultra lightweight and since their introduction have become one if the worlds best selling best performing discs available for all modern sport bikes.

Read more on our website here: EBC X & XC Series – Fully Floating Front Disc/Rotor

To find your nearest authorised EBC Brakes dealer please click here!

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