EBC Brakes were starring at the SEMA show this year in more ways than one! One of the most stunning displays was the Transamerican Wholesale stand which proudly had on display their Stormtrooper 2 door Jeep Truck. Installed on the Stormtrooper are EBC Yellowstuff Truck brake pads. The Transamerican Wholesale people sent us this message below:

I wanted to thank you for your added support in making the Transamerican Wholesale Stormtrooper JK a success. I want to update you as the show season goes on with photos from the 2012 SEMA Show. I hope the SEMA Show was as much a success as it was for us!

EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads For Truck & SUV

Specially designed for US built trucks and 4×4 vehicles – Ultra high friction brake pads!

If you need improved stopping power with a simple brake pad change then this is the perfect brake pad choice! The famous EBC Yellowstuff  has been refined and this version of race formulation is now available to fit popular American trucks/pick-ups, European and Asian built 4x4s.

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