EBC technical automotive expert Bart giving out advice on the stand.

EBC Brakes were recently at the Autosport International Show at the NEC in Birmingham that was on from the 10th -13th January.  Manning our stand were our Technical Automotive guys Bob n’ Bart giving out help and technical advise on all manner of quality EBC car brakes.


The EBC Brakes Stand

This year the car disc brakes being showcased included the new High Carbon Blade disc specifically designed for performance driving and including such outstanding features as the use of double high carbon content which helps to improve thermal stability. This also reduces possible heat cracking, thermal brake judder, and brake noise by dampening vibrations. Also on display was the 3GD Sports brake disc which has been specifically designed for braking in all sorts of off road conditions that cope well with water, mud or sand and highly suitable for 4×4 vehicles.  The super silent USR Series slotted disc brake and the ever consistent in quality High Carbon brake disc.


Dan Lofthouse’s Landrover Freelander

The NEC Autosport International show features every level of Motor Racing  from Formula 1- Karting all under one roof. Also starring at the show was EBC Sponsored racers Dan Lofthouse with his Landrover Freelander offroad Championship car equipped with Bluestuff NDX Formula brake pads.


Jonathan Blakes’s MX150R

Jonathan Blake of Exocet Racing was also at the exhibition with his MX150R fitted with EBC Yellowstuff brake pads and also on display was Steve Cheetham’s Porche Boxster and Owen Thomas this years Megane Trophy in his Renault equipped with Bluestuff brake pads.


Steve Cheetham’s Porche Boxter


Owen Thomas’s Renault

Here are some more EBC brake product details:

EBC Blade Disc
EBC Brakes Blade Discs
New EBC Brakes Blade Sport Discs are 100% British made using  GG15HC Hi Silicone and Hi Carbon cast iron alloy which has many features and benefits.

EBC 3GD Sport Rotors

Slotted and drilled brake rotors for cooler brakes

Manufactured using premium disc blanks, EBC 3GD sport slotted and drilled brake rotors include unique wide aperture slots that actually draw cool air under the pad during heavy braking. This helps to reduce brake temperatures whilst also helping remove dirt, debris, dirt, dust and gasses created by heavy braking from the pad contact area.

EBC USR series discs

EBC USR Ultra quiet sport slotted brake rotors are manufactured using premium disc blanks.  The narrower multi slot design of the Ultimax sport rotor and the progressive angle at which the slots are machined creates a quiet running sport rotor that still has benefits of removing gas, dirt, water and debris and MAINTAINING parallel pad wear.

New: High Carbon Brake Discs
New to EBC Brakes is our British made range of High Carbon brake discs. What is the advantage of using High Carbon? Firstly most fast cars are actually BUILT with High Carbon cast Iron discs. This higher carbon material which includes silicon content has a more granular grain structure and is very good at resisting heat distortion and cracking under heavy use and thermal judder.

EBC Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing Brake Pads
EBC Bluestuff NDX Formula is a high friction race and sport material that can be used for certain types of track use and aggressive street driving. The NDX Formula material has had much success on the track!

Redstuff Ceramic – 3000 Series – For Highly Tuned Cars and Fast Street
Redstuff brake pads  are EBC’s flagship street brake pad material for faster prestige cars above 200BHP the 09 version on EBC Redstuff is setting new standards in brake performance. EBC Redstuff is known for its low dust ability but the latest blend has greatly reduced the phenomenon of pad “Pick up” or disc scoring and reduced dust even further.


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