More EBC Brakes YouTube videos now live!

EBC have just uploaded 8 product videos to the EBC Brakes YouTube Channel. Now available to watch for the first time on YouTube. The videos were made by Nick Hine off of and feature some of EBC’s most popular products that are relatively new on the market or updated over the last 5 years.


VLD Limited Edition Chrome Rotors Vee-Rotors™
Ultimax2™ Car Racing Brake Pads
Extra Duty Light Truck, Jeep & SUV EPFA & GPFAX Brake Pads
CX Extreme™ Custom Polished Brake Rotors


More EBC Brakes product information:

VLD Chrome Brake Pads

EBC VLD Chrome pads or Vee pads have the life of a sintered pad but with the feel of an organic brake pad. They offer the rider zero brake noise and also benefit from zero rotor galling as they are very gentle on the rotors. Now available with polished chrome backing plates for the cruiser market, these pads feature the NUCAP hook pattern system.

Click to read more about VLD Chrome Brake Pads here!

EPFA Sintered Fast Street and Trackday Pads
EBC Extreme Pro brake pads also known as EPFA brake pads are the racers choice for superbike racing and are excellent for street use too! These brake pads are fantastic for motorcycle racing as the compound they are made from has extra friction stabilizing additives that totally improve the ‘heat cycling’ braking effect.

Read more about EPFA brake pads here!


GPFAX sintered race only brake pads

The GPFAX Formula Sintered Race pads are a direct replacement of the GPFA series. This formula is even higher in friction and created specifically to be used only on asphalt surfaces such as those found in race track conditions. Because of the super performance that they provide these brake pads are a growing favourite choice by superbike racers.

Another benefit of the GPFAX sintered material is that it now has even better heat cycling ability allowing the brake pads to be raced, cooled, then raced again.

Read more about GPFAX brake pads here!


EBC Vee-Rotors™

The fully floating EBC-Vee Rotors™ are designed in line with ongoing trends for motorcycle riders who want to customise their bikes rather than just replace the parts. These lightweight rotors are available in standard black but also come in a range of stunning colour options.

They also feature patented SD system hardware and are fully stainless steel heat treated and tempered back to the optimum hardness to give the optimum performance. The Vee-Rotor™ is also available for rear use.

Read more about Vee-Rotors™ here!


Colour Options for Vee-Rotors™

With central hubs available in four different colours, yellow, green, blue or red, these Vee-Rotors are available by special order and also feature the patented SD system hardware like the standard black ones.


EBC CX Extreme Motocross Rotors

CX Extreme motocross rotors are the latest and the greatest motocross brake disc rotor. Designed in a lightweight profiled contour, this motocross brake looks great with the vee design, they self clean as well as give great performance. Manufactured from heat treated and tempered stainless steel.

Read more about CX Extreme™ Rotors here!


Polished Stainless Rotors for Big Twins

Polished Stainless Rotors for Big Twins are floating disc brakes and feature stainless steel centre hubs incorporated with EBC SD System square drive button technology. They are designed to offset the chance of vibration providing an overall improvement as well as looking robust and sturdy.

Read more about Polished Stainless Rotors for Big Twins here!



The radically improved Ultimax2™ is a fully ECO friendly material that has ZERO sulphides. The Ultimax2 formula does not require shims for noise reduction and has more bite from cold. These brake pads also work well in hot dry climates too! As with the original Ultimax these too are fully R90 approved.

Read more about the Ultimax brake pad here!


Yellowstuff – 4000 “R” Series – Full Race Pad
EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are ultra high friction brake pads for race, trackday and street use, race drivers in particular love them because they are made from an aramid fibre compound. These pads are ideal for street and track driving as they don’t require a warm up but get even stronger under hard driving.

Read more about EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads here!


EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads are perfect for racing all sorts of cars and automotive sports in general as they are extremely high in friction and made from NDX formula material that is specifically designed for aggressive driving conditions such as those found on hard surfaced race tracks. When twinned with specific quality aftermarket calipers Bluestuff brake pad NDX formula has the most efficient success rate. Read more about Bluestuff Brake Pads here!


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