For many years, EBC Brakes has manufactured brake pads suitable for go karts and shifter karts in three different compound options.
For more information, see the fitment table below.

Green High Friction EBC Kart Brake Pads

  • Softest organic formulation
  • For all modern go-karts & shifter karts
  • Shorter lifetime than red or gold options

Red General Purpose EBC Kart Brake Pads

  • Medium hardness semi-metallic compound
  • For public hire karts & general purpose use

Gold Sintered EBC Kart Brake Pads

  • Long life sintered metal compound
  • For public hire karts & general purpose use
  • Available for limited applications only
MakeModelGreen Grade PadRed Grade PadGold Grade Pad
Tony KartFront - Up To 2003FA501
Tony KartRear - Old DesignFA502
All KartFront - Old DesignFA502A
Tony KartFront - Old DesignFA502B
Kartsport (Boxer)BoxerFA503ASFA503A
Tony KartRearFA504SFA504
Righetti RidolfiRearFA504ASFA504A
Birel (Italy)RearFA504BSFA504B
Biesse (Italy)Rear (100/125cc)FA504CSFA504C
Birel (Italy)RearFA504CSFA504C
Kestrel (Italy)RearFA504CSFA504C
CRG (Italy)Rear - 3 Bolt FixingFA506SFA506
CRG (Italy)Front - 3 Bolt FixingFA506ASFA506A
Tony KartRearFA507SFA507
Tony KartRearFA509
All KartRearFA509A
Tony KartRearFA509B
Swiss HutlessRearFA511SFA511
ZipSelf Adjusting BrakeFA512
KelgateRear - Small Pad CompactFA513
KelgateRear - Full CompactFA514FA514CFA514B
AndersonRear - 6 Piston CaliperFA515SFA515A
KelgateRear - 6 Piston CaliperFA515SFA515A
Gemini Karts (Grimeca)Rear - Brembo/GrimecaFA516FA516A
Wright Kart (UK)RearFA518
Birel (Italy)FrontFA519
Top KartRear - CD11/16 Up To 1997FA525SFA525
Top KartRear - CD11/16 Up To 1997FA525ASFA525A
ZipRear Zip CadetFA527SFA527
ZipRear Zip Pro TwinFA528SFA528
Karting (USA)RearFA530
ZipRear Zip Cadet LightningFA531
PCR KartsRearFA534
Arrows (Australia)X1/AX9 (BDHL2/1 & BDHL5/1)FA535SFA535
Arrows (Australia)AX6/7/8/9/X1 (BDHL7/1)FA535ASFA535A
HaasaRear - Runner (Hyd. & Mech.)FA537SFA537
CRG (Italy)Rear - 2003 OnwardsFA538SFA538
CRG (Italy)Up To 2004 F&R/2005 Onwards RFA539SFA539
Tony KartFront & Rear 2005 OnwardsFA540SFA540
Birel (Italy)Rear 2003FA541SFA541
Birel (Italy)Front 2003FA543SFA543
SodiRental Kart - Up To 2009/2 Pin FixingFA547S

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