No sooner after releasing the new and highly acclaimed RP-1™ trackday & race compound, EBC Brakes Racing marches forward with development of another new motorsport pad, named RP-2™, to join RP-1™ as the second motorsport pad in the EBC Racing range.

RP-2™ will sit above RP-1™ in the EBC Brakes Racing pad range and is designed for use in top tier race applications, including endurance racing, yet like RP-1™ this new material will be offered at a significantly lower price point compared to other market alternatives.

RP-2™ has been developed to possess a higher friction coefficient and extended wear life, giving a more aggressive response characteristic and exceptional resistance to fade. Once cured, every pad undergoes a precisely controlled scorch process which makes for a super fast bed-in period and totally eliminates any brake fade during the bed-in process. Simply install RP-2™, do a lap at 80% racing speed to ‘seat’ the pads on the discs, then the pads are ready for use.

RP-2™ has also been developed to work from stone cold, making it a great pad choice for sprint races where immediate brake effect and fade-free performance is required.

After several months of dyno testing, EBC Racing’s first on-track test took place at Castle Combe in the companies Nissan GT-R development vehicle. The day’s testing went to plan with over 40 racing speed laps completed. The full day’s running allowed vast amounts of data to be collected which will now be analysed at EBC’s laboratory and factory in Bristol, UK to aid further development and refinement of the material. A time of 1:14.7 in a stock GT-R also demonstrates the potential of what will be the most extreme compound in the EBC range.

Whereas RP-1™ has a more progressive response characteristic that allows for maximum pedal modulation, RP-2™ exhibits a much stronger initial bite that some drivers will prefer, particularly those driving dedicated race cars generating significant levels of downforce.

Development on the material continues but the early signs are extremely positive.

It is expected that RP-2™ will be released in the first half 2020. Watch this space…

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