EBC Brakes has always been at the forefront of awareness and protection of its staff’s well being and that of its consumers and the environment.

EBC Brakes was the pioneer of the Ecopad, a brake pad made entirely of organic components such as hemp fibre and cashew nut husk oil, creating a brake material for trains.

Then EBC Brakes went on to be the first (and probably still the only) brake manufacturer with a ZERO sulfides policy, eliminating nasty ingredients such as Antimony from all of its products.

Lead is long gone, and asbestos was never used in EBC Brakes products.

EBC Brakes has now completed the removal of all copper from its brake blends, another world first.

Recently the Bristol manufacturing plant enjoyed a further upgrade with new low energy extraction and air cleaning systems to release nothing but warm air into the environment and provide the healthiest workplace for its valued staff.

Air cleaning system at the Bristol plant.
Air cleaning system at the Bristol plant.

EBC Brakes produce the worlds largest range of brake pad designs recently boosted by the addition of its RP-1 full race brake pad compound for track day driving and race use. Customers looking for the best brake pads for race use or the best brake pads for track day driving look no further. EBC Brakes RP-1 full race brake compound is the answer for all race car brakes and track day car brakes.

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