Busy classic motorcycle season start for Phil Morris & EBC Brakes image


Busy classic motorcycle season start for Phil Morris & EBC Brakes


Phil Morris has had a busy start to this classic motorcycle season recently at Mallory Park where he had a fabulous collection of racing bikes equipped with EBC brake pads. The impressive collection of classic motorcycles did not disappoint and is always a popular spectacle at UK events. Bikes such as the ex-Valentino Rossi Aprilia from 1997 and some of the late Dave Jefferies TT bikes.


Two other shows, the Telford Off Road Show with Ian Hutchinson as one of the guest speakers and more recently the Thundersprint at Darley Moor also starred the much loved classic motorcycles. Even though the weather was bad, the Joey Dunlop 250cc motorcycle belonging to the local museum was on display along with one of the HM plant bikes.


The race season for Phil Morris racing is now in full swing with the team riders, Tom and Ben Birchall ready for the sidecar TT, having had a set up race at Castle Combe. Gavin Hunt is also in preparation and visited Spain in the run up to his BSB Superstock 1000 season and also gained his first championship points of the season at Oulton Park.


Phil Morris commented on the start of the season:

It’s hard to believe we have crammed so much in to the year already, and there is so much more to come including Mallory Park Bike Bonanza and Aberdare Park Road Races. It’s just so good to be part of the sport we love and to meet so many fantastic people!

Full race report here:


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