Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey gets great results in EnduroLands Putoline XC and the Dawn To Dusk Youth Race.

Chris rides with EBC ATV & Dirt Sintered Pads for top performance.

It’s been a very busy few weeks for Chris Bailey. He recently competed in the penultimate round of EnduroLands Putoline Race XC.

It was back to Potters bar, and this time the weather was on Chris’s side, unlike the rain he had to ride in last month.

Chris got off to a bit of a bad start, having a crash with another rider on the first turn, but he soon got going again. By the 3rd lap Chris had pulled a big lead on the other riders in his class and had now started to pass the Clubman plus riders.

Chris kept pushing in the dry conditions, lap after lap, definitely putting his brakes to the test with some very high-speed stops. By the half way mark Chris was pulled in for fuel and sent on his way.

Chris continued pushing all race long with very consistent lap times. After the 2 hours he finished 1st in class and 5th overall.

Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey

Before this, Chris was racing in Wales in the Dawn To Dusk Youth Race. It was a great race and Chris got the holeshot from the start. By the second lap he had pulled a respectable 30 second lead, but after a few jams on the hills from the slower rides, this gap fell to nothing and 2nd place was on him.

They battled for a few laps, Chris quicker in places, but the other rider had his good parts too, pulling the gap back. By just past the half way mark Chris was pulled in for fuel, as he’d pulled another gap of about 10 seconds.

A quick stop and he was out again, just as the 2nd place racer came in, but he had fallen off and damaged his bike, giving Chris time to put the hammer down and pull a complete lap on him.

Now one lap up, Chris was only 20-30 seconds behind 2nd place but didn’t quite manage to lap him again. He certainly rode his heart out, and got the overall win he wanted, as this was the last time he can ride in the youth class. He led from start to finish and was the only rider to hit 16 laps.

Congratulations to Chris on these great results.

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