Cory Texter racing in Frederick, Maryland.

Still recovering from a broken ankle, Cory Texter races across the United States in Ohio and Maryland for the American Flat Track International and the All-Star National.

Cory races with a variety of EBC products including the MXS Series Moto-X Race Pads.
American Flat Track National
Lima, Ohio

It was a challenging race for Cory Texter at the American Flat Track International in Lima, Ohio. Cory was dealing with an injury after being crashed into at Sacramento which left him with a hairline fracture in his left ankle. He had also been struggling to get a good feel on his new 2017 Honda 450 bikes and hadn’t been able to get them to handle comfortably or to the power level he would like.

Racing in Ohio, Cory rode his 2010 CFR 450. It was a little down on horsepower, but he felt comfortable riding the bike. Cory wanted to focus on being able to ride what he had as hard as he could and let the results fall where they may.

After small crash in qualifying Cory finished in 6th overall. He grabbed the hole shot and won his heat race. In the semi-final he finished 2nd after leading for most of the laps; there were a couple of mistakes, but Cory was confident that he could contend for a win in the main event.

Cory Texter racing in Lima, Ohio.
Cory Texter racing in Lima, Ohio.

After a good start, Cory was in the top three when he stuck his bad ankle in a hole on the first corner. He immediately knew that something was wrong. After going into turn three, Cory could no longer put his foot down. Coming off a fractured ankle and knowing that he was already out of contention for a win, Cory decided that the smart move was to pull out of the race.

Speaking after the race, Cory said that he was disappointed about threw DNF:
“This track is one of the most brutal on the schedule, so I knew it would be a good test for my ankle. I am not having any trouble putting weight on it like I was before but moving it from left to right has been extremely painful, so I am thinking there is still some ligament/tendon damage I am having to deal with.” Despite this, Cory also said that he is planning on racing in the next round.

Despite his recent challenges, Cory has a lot of confidence in his riding ability and says “it’s been one of those seasons. A lot of people have written me off, but that’s OK because I ride better as an underdog anyway. I appreciate all the support.”

All-Star National
Frederick, Maryland

Cory later raced at the All-Star National in Frederick, Maryland. Pulling out his Kawasaki 700cc twin, he won the Dash for Cash and earned a little extra for having the fastest heat in qualifying. It was the first time he had ridden a twin in eight months.

Cory thought his chance for a win in the Expert Twins Main Event was gone however when his bike shut off just as he was leading the race. This led to a red flag five laps into the ten-lap race.  Certain that the bike was no longer working and fearing the worst, Cory was relieved to find that his bike was fine and ready to go for the race restart.

Despite starting again in last, Cory showed once more why he is known for great starts, blasting ahead to 1st place to win the race.

Speaking after the race Cory said that “for the first time in a long time, I felt aggressive and rode with a lot of confidence.”

Cory Texter racing in Frederick, Maryland.
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