Davy Morgan on S1000RR BMW

A major hand injury from earlier in the season doesn’t stop Davy Morgan and DM71 Road Racing at the Isle of Man TT Races.

Davy uses EBC GPFAX and Organic brake pads for top performance.

After sitting out the North West 200 to give his hand time to heal, the Isle of Man TT Races was next for DM71 Road Racing. The TT is special for racer Davy Morgan, and he has always excelled around the 37-mile mountain circuit that pushes both man and machine to their limit. Armed with his ZX6R Supersport Kawasaki and S1000RR Superstock BMW, the team hoped that the injury from earlier in the season would stand up to the demands required.

After the first night of practice it was clear that it was going to be a tough two weeks: Davy’s hand had swollen again, and that was without pushing too hard. Davy knew it was going to be a challenge to qualify, let alone actually race. However, Davy was determined not to let himself or his supporters down and kept pushing as hard as he was able to. After having a couple of hours physiotherapy in the morning, Davy got himself on the starting line for all five of his planned races – despite limited track time due to the injury – with laps at 116mph on the Kawasaki and 118mph on the BMW.

Starting at number 61 for the Superbike TT, he was in to the top 50 by the end of the opening lap. Davy pushed his fastest lap of the meeting to just over 121mph and made steady progress forward, making it up to a very respectable 29th at the chequered flag and at a speed quick enough to get a Bronze Replica.

Davy Morgan leaves the start line on ZX6R Kawasaki

After a day off and more physiotherapy, Davy had a solid ride in the Supersport TT Race 1. Taking his ZX6R Kawasaki from start number 60, he upped his lap time in the Supersport Class to 118.9mph on his way to a 40th place finish and another Bronze Replica in this ultra-competitive category. After a couple of hours rest, it was the Superstock TT, but it was obvious early in the lap that there was a problem. Davy was forced to retire in the pits at the end of the opening lap as he just did not have the strength to hold on to the BMW.

The Supersport TT Race 2 had Davy in starting position 60 but this did not deter the Saintfield lorry driver. He upped his lap time on the Supersport Kawasaki to 120.5mph and collected another Bronze Replica, with a race finish in 30th on the same tyres that were used for the previous race.

More physiotherapy and another rest day and Davy was ready for the Blue Riband Senior TT and six laps of the mountain circuit. Unlike previous races, Davy found the race difficult in the early laps, with his hand giving him a few problems. After the first pit stop he rallied and finished 31st with his fastest lap of the fortnight on his final lap at 122.488mph. No replica this time unfortunately, as the pace at the front was record breaking.

With four out of five finishes from a rider who was far from 100%, the team were very proud of the results.

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