EBC Brakes sponsor Wild & Woolly world’s oldest off-road Scramble

EBC Brakes were once again pleased to be sponsoring this year’s Northampton Motorcyclists Club’s 91st Annual Wild & Woolly 2016 Scramble, which took place as always in the morning on Boxing Day at Arm Farm in Blisworth, Northamptonshire. This year was very mild yet again like previous years making conditions very much drier despite the four water crossings dotted around the course. This years’ Wild & Woolly event attracted a record breaking 5000 – 6000 spectators who enjoyed the sunny conditions, even if they did get splashed a bit.


YouTube Channel creator MrRugbyvideo kindly sent us a link to his impressive footage of this years event (see below):

Neville Bradshaw managed to win the race yet again on his 125 Yamaha among the usual top annual finishers such as Ady Smith, Matthew Smith, Jack Lee and Ryan Griffiths.


EBC Brakes offer a wide range of all weather off-road brakes that are designed to be used in all sorts of terrain such as the muddy conditions associated with the Wild & Woolly. Best selling products include Carbon X brake padsMXS series Moto-X race brake pads and EBC Extreme Pro™ For Motocross & Supermoto Use. The best disc brake for off-road race use is the Oversize MX disc rotor.


2016 Wild & Woolly Results:

1. Neville Bradshaw
2. Ady Smith – 23 laps
3. Mathew Smith,
4. Jack Lee – 22 laps
5. Ryan Griffiths
6 . James Plant
7. Michael McClurg – 21 laps
8. Ashley Rilings
9 John Gill
10. Max Barnett,
11 Charlie Lee
12 Jonathan Lee – 20 laps
13. James Chambers
14. Trevor Jeeves
15. James Flannigan
16. Andrew Morris – 19 laps
17. Simon Klemis
18. Jamie Berry
19. Edward Kelly – 18 laps
20. Glenn Warren
21. Graham Frazier
22. Christian Livesey
23. Tom King,
24. Peter Chinn
25. Daniel Loveday,
26. James Higgins
27. Steve Marlow,
28. Jordan Ryan
29. Mark Page – 17 laps
30. Tom Kruger,
31 Roger Titman
32. Hayley Rilings
33. Nathan Skinner
34. Ross Mitchell
35. Luke McQuarrie – 16 laps
36. Timothy Newbrook – 15 laps
37. Richard Ford – 13 laps
38. Tony Homer – 12 laps
39. Martin Streeton – 11 laps
40. Warren Bridle – 10 laps
41. Corey Blackwell – 9 laps


To read the full race report in depth please visit the following link: http://nmcc.co.uk/


EBC Carbon X brake padsEBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads

Also known as Carbon Enduro formula pads, these brakes have the unique benefit of having lower heat transfer and generation, although they don’t have the same life span as that of a sintered copper brake pad.

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EBC MXS brake pads

EBC MXS series Moto-X race brake pads are a great choice for use in all weather conditions, be it wet, or dry as found in motocross racing. This is because of their highest rated HH friction for maximum performance and stopping power. The double H formula also ensures these race specific brake pads have a long lifetime of use. Read more about MXS Series Race Pads here.


EBC Extreme Pro™ For Motocross X & Supermoto UseEBC EPFA for motocross brake pads

An ultra high friction sintered brake pad formula, designed for fastest motocross race use. Extreme Pro is a high end race pad option for championship riders. All rear fitment brake pads feature solid type radiator shims to minimize heat transfer made from laser cut stainless steel. These EPFA MX brake pads also include hexagon drive slider pins.


EBC Oversize MX disc brake rotors

EBC Brakes Oversize MX Disc Rotors are fully floating with 280mm optimum diameter. Fully floating rotors are perfect for motocross racing as the rotors resist warping better and handle heat loads more efficiently. They are British laser profiled and built with precision engineering and are lightweight with a contoured profile rotor blade that aids self cleaning outside profiled curves.

The rotor blade is manufactured from German mill rolled stainless steel and the centre hub is decorated with the EBC logo that looks great on any bike.

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