Photo: EBC Brakes stunt riders deliver wheelie good performance!

EBC Brakes stunt riders deliver wheelie good performance!

EBC Brakes have been assisting stunt riders with suitable brake disc rotors to help them deliver good performances at events all over the world, in which they wow the crowds with motorcycle stunt tricks, such as a variety of different style wheelies among other stunning moves. Here are just a few of our wheelie good stunt entertainers:

Marcin Glowacki

Marcin Glowacki otherwise known as the ‘Polish Ninja’ is sponsored by official EBC distributors EBC Polska who supply him with XC series floating disc rotors.

In early July 2016, Marcin won the 1st place at the World Cup, “Stunt Grand Prix” 2016 which was attended by the best 28 players from 13 states. He also won ‘Stuntrider.Gold Medalist’ at the World Championships “Stunt Grand Prix” in 2016 and the “Polish Stunt Cup” 2016 Championship.

Stunt video of the Grand Prix:

Film z Stunt Grand Prix znajdziecie tutaj:  Grand Prix relation:

Marcin performing at the Grand Prix:

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Visit Marcin Glowacki’s Facebook page for more stunt event news:

 Sean "Sets" Hadley in action!
Sean “Sets” Hadley

Sean “Sets” Hadley has been using EBC brake products suitable for stunt riding with great success and has recently created the incredibly arty video below – “Drifting vs Stunting” …


Sean "Sets" Hadley in action!
Sean "Sets" Hadley in action!
Visit Sean “Sets” Hadley social media sites for more stunt news:

Ian Gaines in action!

Ian Gaines

USA based Ian Gaines is an energetic and passionate stunt rider who travels the globe performing at stuntbike freestyle events with fellow stunt rider Jason Britton and Team No Limit. His enthusiasm for the sport has made him very popular with spectators who enjoy his thrilling stunt performances. The EBC brake products Ian has fitted include XC series floating disc rotors.


Ian Gaines in action!

Ian is very socially active on the internet and keeps the world up to date with his daily news and wonderful stunt photography. Check him out on the links below …

Visit Ian Gaines social media sites for more motorcycle stunt news:
Twitter Facebook “Instagram

More EBC Brakes disc rotor information:


floating-discs-fullFloating MC Rotors

EBC floating MC rotors or X & XC brake disc rotors as they are sometimes known, are ultra lightweight, best selling and best performance discs available for all modern racing sport bikes. The rotors benefit from the EBC Brakes unique and patented S-Drive button system that features square sided rivets captured in square drive pockets on the hub and rotor. These are in place to allow the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely under the heat of braking without suffering rivet lock.

Read more about Floating MC Rotors here!


EBC Vee-Rotors™

The fully floating EBC Vee-Rotors™ are designed in line with ongoing trends for motorcycle riders who want to customise their bikes rather than just replace the parts. These lightweight rotors are available in standard black but also come in a range of stunning colour options.

They also feature patented SD system hardware and are fully stainless steel heat treated and tempered back to the optimum hardness to give the optimum performance. The Vee-Rotor™ is also available for rear use.

Read more about Vee-Rotors™ here!


Colour Options for Vee-Rotors™

With centre hubs available in four different colours, yellow, green, blue or red, these Vee-Rotors are available by special order and also feature the patented SD system hardware like the standard black ones.

Read more about
Vee-Rotors™ here!


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