Photo: Chris Bailey and Danny Baird

EBC off-road MX racers Danny Baird and Chris Bailey are true inspirations

Here is the latest news from EBC assisted off-road racers Chris Bailey and Danny Baird who are true inspirations to everyone in the motorcycle racing industry.

Nothing is stopping these guys, apart from EBC off-road brakes!

Chris Bailey

Here is Chris Bailey’s latest race reports from when he competed in the Dawn 2 Dusk event that took place in Glyn Neath, South Wales on 26th August 2017 and Round Six of the Enduroland Acerbis Championship 3rd September 2017.  Chris has EBC “R” Series ATV brake pads fitted on his KTM 150 XC-W 2017 bike.
Chris’s latest race reports follow:
Dawn 2 Dusk Race – 26th August 2017 – Glyn Neath, Wales

Photo: Chris Bailey in action!The bank holiday weekend was fantastic weather, which meant my first Dawn 2 Dusk Race in Wales was a dry one, well nearly (look at the photos). Thanks to EBC’s sponsorship, it means we can travel a bit further afield and race against some different competition and on different terrains. The two hour youth race started at 10am and after stalling the bike on the start line, I had a dreadful start in last place! By the time I completed the first six mile long lap I had worked my way through the field to fourth place.

Photo: Chris Bailey in action!I gradually worked my way up to 2nd place and that’s where I finished the race. Great result and a great different track to race. Thank you EBC.
Photo: Chris Bailey on the podium

Round 6 of the Enduroland Acerbis Championship

Photo: Chris Bailey in action!Had to work hard for this 1st place. The flag dropped at 9:30am, I had a great start and got the beer holeshot! Approaching the arena section on the first lap I touched the back wheel of a rider from the previous group and came off. Finn on number 175 was right with me and used this to his advantage to take the lead. Trying to catch Finn on the second lap I was trying too hard and ended up having a disagreement with the hedge! Even more time lost. This gave number 10 the advantage and I dropped down to 3rd place. I wasn’t having any of that! Got right back on it and had a great few laps battling with James to eventually catch him and pass him. Great racing. Approaching the half way mark at one hour, I decided to pit knowing I wouldn’t have quite enough fuel to complete the two hours on this gruelling fast track. This gave Finn a bigger advantage on the 1st place but I managed to get out of the pits in front of 3rd place man James.

The next lap saw Finn come in for his pit. This was it. My chance to fly. I had closed the gap and used this perfect timing of pits to take the lead back. From this point forward I increased the lead from Finn on every lap to finish in 1st place. A really great and entertaining race.

Photo: Chris Bailey on the podium

Visit Chris Bailey's Facebook Page for more news:
Photo: The inspirational Danny Baird in action!

Danny Baird

EBC assisted quadriplegic off-road hill climber Danny Baird has just completed the exhilarating Bay City Hill Climb
on 3rd September 2017 which is organised by Valley Springs Motorcycle Club, Wisconsin.

Here is more about Danny’s incredible achievement:

Photo: Danny Baird in action!Inspirational off-road quadriplegic rider Danny Baird from Michigan has just completed the highly challenging 500 foot Bay City Hill Climb in less than 30 seconds. This is an incredible feat for Danny who was paralysed from the chest down following an accident.

Danny made the climb on his old specially adapted motocross bike which was customised by friend Matt Luna so he could be strapped in. Now nothing is stopping this inspirational young man – apart from EBC off-road brakes!

Danny said on Facebook after the event:

What a challenge Bay City was! 500 foot of white knuckled adrenaline pumping craziness! What a rush. Man I tell ya that hill was incredible and I can’t wait to climb it again next year.

Photo: Danny BairdDanny first started racing at the age of five when he had to lie for a year or so to race in the AMA, the actual age to apply being seven years old. He started hill climbing in 2000 when he won the Nationals and then again in 2004. After his life changing accident Danny was determined to carry on his hill climbing passion and for him there was no quitting whatsoever. His determination has led him to become the first quadriplegic to compete in motocross.

Danny quoted:

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, because as long as you know you can in your head and in your heart, you can do it. And that’s the truth, because I had people telling me that I couldn’t ride a bike for a long time and I kind of believed them until I got on one. I started putting around the yard, and within five minutes I was ripping down the road doing wheelies.

Visit Danny Baird’s social media sites for more news and information:
Facebook “YouTube

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