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EBC race only brake pads gave high endurance for Team Sorrymate


EBC sponsored Team Sorrymate have just completed round 2 of the highly competitive National 600cc endurance Championships. Using EBC GPFAX race only brake pads fitted on their bikes the team finished in very respectable positions and gave high endurance throughout. Here is Warren’s race report of the day:


We have just completed round 2 of a very competitive year of National 600cc endurance and had to fight our way through BSB superstock teams at the first round due to them using our series as a test for the first round at Brands this weekend.
We finished 4th at Brands, 5 seconds behind the team Motobreakers BSB team. The race was cut short due to a crash near the end of the race which bunched us up behind the pace car.
The podium was in our sights and we were catching them by over 5 seconds a lap and were disappointed not to achieve 3rd place.

The second round was held at Cadwell park this last weekend and we had another eventful race weekend again finishing 4th due to my teammate taking a very fast tumble through Charlies one in the 2nd stint and managing to limp back to the pits on a second hand looking R6.

We continued the best we could on the one bike putting in fast lap times but not quite making it into 3rd again by a measly 25 seconds.

We are currently sitting 3rd in class in the championship and are hoping to have a good race at Pembrey in 2 weeks time.

Race Report by Warren Verwey

GPFAX sintered race only brake pads

EBC are proud to produce race brakes that provide high endurance use for championship riders such as Warren Verwey and his team partner Collin Norris. The GPFAX brake pad series is a race only brake pad that provides the super grippy performance on asphalt tracks. This is down to the brake pad material which is designed to quickly build up from an initial friction level to a level rarely achieved before. The GPFAX series also contains non toxic ingredients in it’s formulation such as nickel or zinc to ramp up the friction level making it a much more suitable green choice of brake to use.

The new GPFAX Formula Sintered Race pads are a direct replacement of the GPFA series. This new formula is even more higher in friction and created specifically to be used only on asphalt surfaces such as those found in race track conditions. Because of the super performance that they provide these brake pads are a growing favourite choice by superbike racers.

Another benefit of the new GPFAX sintered material is that it now has even better heat cycling ability allowing the brake pads to be raced, cooled then raced again.

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EPFA Sintered Fast Street and Trackday Pads
EBC Extreme Pro brake pads also known as EPFA brake pads are the racers choice for superbike racing and also have excellent street use too! These brake pads are fantastic for motorcycle racing as the compound they are made from has extra friction stabilizing additives that totally improve the ‘heat cycling’ braking effect.

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EBC Double-H Superbike Pads™
EBC Double-H pads are the top choice of street legal brake pads you can buy for the best grip.

Made from sintered copper alloy, these brake pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power. EBC Double-H Superbike pads™ are perfect braking under all riding conditions, be it wet, dry, hot or cold. Unique stainless steel radiator plates are fitted when required to reduce heat transfer into the hydraulics of the motorbike. The double segment vented design is totally unique and keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.

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