Photo: Incredible round for Cormac Conroy with EBC racing brake pads

Incredible round for Cormac Conroy with EBC racing brake pads

Cormac Conroy was racing in the first round of the FIM Europe Classic Endurance Series which took place at the ‘Circuit Paul Ricard’ in the south of France recently on his ‘T’ bike equipped with EBC GPFAX sintered racing brake pads.


The first round of the FIM Europe Classic Endurance Series took place at the ‘Circuit Paul Ricard’ in the south of France on Saturday Night.

Cormac Conroy teamed up with Patrick Banfield on the French entry  ‘Team Classic Racer Nice’ P&M Kawasaki. After a great run to 9th in Q1, a major engine failure at the start of Q2 left the team with a race against time to get the ‘T’ bike prepared in time for night practise. Failure to complete three laps in the dark by each rider would mean exclusion from the race. With time running out and the bike not ready, one of our rival teams let Cormac & Patrick do the required laps on their spare bike. Huge thanks is owed to John Neate ‘Team Neate Racing’ for keeping us in the race.

With the pressure now off the team had time to finish preparing the bike for the race, morning warm up would be the only chance to run the bike before the race, & some small adjustments were made to the set up, now nothing more could be done. At 7pm the bike would take to the track for the race.

No starter motor on the ‘T’ bike would mean a back of the grid start and yet more drama unfolded as the bike failed to start and had to be pushed to the pit garage, with the race under way. The bike started on the rollers and Patrick joined the race in 39th and last position a full lap and a half behind the leaders. A storming ride through the field by both riders and slick pit stops by the team meant we were in P10 after three hours of racing. The team working hard on strategy and believed more was still possible. With 45 minutes remaining Cormac took to the track for the final stint in an effort to hunt down 8th place. In a determined effort and with his lap times matching his daylight qualifying times the gap quickly closed, at 11pm the checkered flag went out and Cormac crossed the line in a fantastic 7th place. It was an incredible race from start to finish, a real team effort with everybody’s hard work paying off.

Team Force took the overall win, Neate Racing 2nd and Phaseone in 3rd place.

Next it’s back to the UK for round two of the CRMC Championship at Croft 7th & 8th May.


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