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EBC sponsored rider Joe Burns has had great success last weekend at Donington race circuit after finishing in second place during the race in the World Superbike meeting. Favourable weather conditions at the weekend following a very cold, wet and wintery Friday played an advantageous part on the track for Joe when he managed to gain second position in the race and was even in the lead for a lap before maintaining the second position to the finish line. Joe is now overall second in the Superstock 1000 Championship after round 4.

I did not get the start I wanted, but getting into second place on the entry to Redgate was good, I managed to take the lead on lap 3, but made a mistake and fell back to second, a good race and I am very happy with the result, especially as I am now second in the championship!

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    2nd Podium of 2013 for Joe Burns
    Following the most horrendous rain and wind on Friday, the weekend weather changed completely and Donington Park enjoyed warm and sunny conditions for the Saturday and Sunday of the World Superbike meeting.
    On Friday Joe sat out the free practice sessions as the weather was just crazy, there was a brief respite for about 6 laps of the qualifying 1, and Joe took advantage of the only 5 dry laps to set the second fastest time of the day.
    The 40 riders entered for the race took to the track on Saturday for the 2nd qualifying session, making the ‘traffic’ quite difficult, despite two stops at the pits during the session, Joe just could not get a clear lap, and he was a little disappointed to only qualify 3rd. But this secured a front row of the 3 by 3 grid, a good place to be.
    From the start of the race Joe took second place behind Steve Brogan, however with an excellent move Joe took the lead, and a lap later Adam Jenkinson moved up to second, the leading trio then lapped consistently with less than 1 second covering all three of them.
    A small mistake by Joe coming into the esses was pounced on by Jenkinson, and Joe was now second, a position he held to the end of the race, clearly the leading three were in a class of their own, the gap between first and second across the finish line being just 0.340 of second.

Photo courtesy of Jon Jessop Photography

Joe has EBC GPFA brake pads fitted on his Kawasaki ZX10R 13 superbike for all his racing needs. The GPFA brake pad is specifically designed for race use only from high friction material and is very easy to bed in over 4-5 laps. Here is further information about the product:

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