Photo: Josear Carrasco in action!

Josear Carrasco won SCORE World Desert Championship with EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes are pleased to congratulate Josear Carrasco of the Zen Pro Racing Team who competed in the 50th Baja 1000, crossed the finish line on 17th November 2017 and won the SCORE World Desert Championship title in the Pro Moto Ironman Class.

Josear depends on EBC off-road brakes for their high quality durability to cope with the hours of non-stop racing across the Californian desert.

This is another great feat for Josear who has competed and won many motocross and off-road race series since the age of six when he was given a Honda XR70 by Santa.

This year the 50th series of the SCORE Baja 1000 started on the 14th November in Ensenada, Baja California and finished in La Paz, Baja California on 18th November. The gruelling race course covers approximately 1,300 miles of the majestic Baja California peninsula.

The Zen-Pro Racing Team Management quoted:

WE DID IT! Thanks so much for helping us win the SCORE International 2017 PRO Ironman World Championship title with team rider Josear Carrasco, truly we could not have done it without you!

We cannot express the amount of sincere gratitude and appreciation we feel, but thank you so much from the heart.

Josear Carrasco quoted on Facebook:

50th edition of the BAJA 1000 is officially in the books. After having every kind of adversity racing this gruelling course we managed to cross the finish line in 3rd giving us enough points to clinch the “SCORE WORLD DESERT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE” in the Pro Ironman Class. This would not have been possible without the unconditional support from my family, friends and sponsors. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, this one is for you!

Photo: Josear Carrasco in action!
Photo: Josear Carrasco in action!

 More EBC Brakes Product Details:

EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads

EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads
EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads are also known as Carbon Enduro formula pads. These brakes have the unique benefit of having lower heat transfer and generation, although they don’t have the same life span as that of a sintered copper brake pad.



EBC MXS Series Moto-X Race Pads

EBC MXS Series Moto-X Race Pads
EBC MXS series Moto-X race brake pads are a great choice for use in all weather conditions, be it wet, or dry as found in motocross racing. This is because of their highest rated HH friction for maximum performance and stopping power. The double H formula also ensures these race specific brake pads have a long lifetime of use.

EBC Motocross MD series rotors

EBC Motocross MD series rotors
Motocross MD Series rotors are manufactured from durable and tough heat treated premium German mill rolled stainless steel in the Northampton based EBC plant.

The diamond ground surface finish is heat treated to give longer lasting performance, the type of which is of vital importance during motocross racing.



EBC Motocross Contour Rotors

EBC Motocross Contour rotors
Motocross Contour rotors are great for motocross racing as they are an ultra lightweight profiled contour series rotor ideal for OE replacement.

They are manufactured from durable heat treated stainless steel and given a zinc coat for rust prevention, making them tough and resilient in all types of terrain.



EBC Brakes Oversize MX Disc / Rotors

EBC Oversize MX Disc / Rotors
EBC Brakes Oversize MX Disc Rotors are fully floating with 280mm optimum diameter. Fully floating rotors are perfect for motocross racing as the rotors resist warping better and handle heat loads more efficiently. They are British laser profiled and built with precision engineering and are lightweight with a contoured profile rotor blade that aids self cleaning outside profiled curves.

The rotor blade is manufactured from German mill rolled stainless steel and the centre hub is decorated with the EBC logo that looks great on any bike.


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