New EBC Brakes motocross racer Natalie Kane gearing up for 2016 photo

New EBC Brakes motocross racer Natalie Kane gearing up for 2016

EBC Brakes are pleased to introduce 24 year old female sponsored motocross rider Natalie Kane who is currently in winter training for the 2016 season. Natalie is steadily recovering from surgery on a shoulder injury that she sustained in the final round of Women’s World Motocross Championship in 2013 in which she came 4th and is hoping to achieve some top results next year. Natalie, originally from Northern Ireland, competes in a variety of international events including the Women’s World Championship and the Women’s British Championship that she has won on multiple occasions.


Natalie started racing at the very young age of five when she attended her very first event, the Ballymena fun race in 1996. Since then she has gone from strength to strength competing in a variety of competitions in Northern Ireland and Britain, culminating in an excellent overall Grand Prix win at Matterley Basin, UK in 2013. Natalie is ranked highly within various world championship competitions and has ambitions to become the world number one.


I am back riding but only on the weekends as my main focus now is my physical training and getting my shoulder as strong as possible! Riding for now is more to get used to my new bike and be ready for testing after new year!

Please enjoy my video footage of me riding at the weekend. I appreciate all the help and support.

Natalie Kane


In the upcoming 2016 season Natalie will be using motocross brakes such as MXS Series Moto-X Race Pads, Carbon X or TT Brakes, Motocross Contour rotors, or CX Extreme™ Motocross rotors on her KTN motocross bike.


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EBC MXS series Moto-X race brake pads are a great choice for use in all weather conditions, be it wet, or dry as found in motocross racing. This is because of their highest rated HH friction for maximum performance and stopping power. The double H formula also ensures these race specific brake pads have a long lifetime of use. Read more about MXS Series Race Pads here.


EBC Carbon X or TT Brake Pads

Also known as Carbon Enduro formula pads, these brakes have the unique benefit of having lower heat transfer and generation, although they don’t have the same life span as that of a sintered copper brake pad.

Read more about Carbon X or TT Brake Pads here!


Motocross Contour Rotors

Motocross Contour rotors are great for motocross racing as they are an ultra lightweight profiled contour series rotor ideal for OE replacement. They are manufactured from durable heat treated stainless steel and given a zinc coat for rust prevention, making them tough and resilient in all types of terrain.


Read more about Motocross Contour Rotors here!


EBC CX Extreme Motocross Rotors

CX Extreme motocross rotors are the latest and the greatest motocross brake disc rotor. Designed in a lightweight profiled contour, this motocross brake looks great with the vee design, they self clean as well as give great performance. Manufactured from heat treated and tempered stainless steel.

Read more about CX Extreme™ Rotors here!


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