RAF Classic Motorcycle Team wind up season with EBC racing brakes image

RAF Motorcycle Team wind-up season with EBC racing brakes

The Royal Air Force Classic Motorcycle Racing Team have just completed their final race of the busy CRMC (Classic Racing Motorcycle Club) season which took place at Snetterton. The team use EBC
Organic motorcycle brake pads
, and Floating MC Disc Rotors on their classic bikes.


Here is the RAF Motorcycle Team’s final race report of the season:

The final outing of the CRMC season was Snetterton. The team consisted of six riders racing in 125, 250, 500 and 750 classes.

The 125 class was potentially with Woodward and Houston as Green’s bike was undergoing frame change/repair. However this all changed when Jerry Lodge (Earnshaw Motorcycles) magically appeared at Snetterton with an air-cooled bike he had spare for the event.

First race finished with Houston coming in 9th with Green following him in 10th, Woodward again having problems getting a DNF. The Second race was much closer with all three members changing positions during the race. Final result was Woodward 8th, Green 9th and Houston 10th with them all crossing the line within 2 seconds of each other. The last race was a non-championship race and is billed as “Race of the Year”, being a longer than normal event. As with all 125 racing, traffic from other classes and bikes that are not evenly matched caused the field to spread out. Woodward managed to break through the traffic whilst Houston and Green got caught up in the fight. Woodward managed to finish in 7th whilst Houston and Green were fighting each other for 8th. They changed places numerous times and had a good fight for bragging rights. Green was in the lead on the final half of the lap but couldn’t pull away. Last corner was a blocking move to stop Houston taking the inside which resulted into a drag to the finish line. With the aid of slip streaming and a carefully timed move Houston crossed the line in front of Green by less than 0.07 of a second. The class has evolved over the last couple of seasons from mainly standard machines to more expensive, specially prepared machines enjoying a distinct performance advantage. The team will look at addressing this issue over the winter months to become more competitive again.

The 250 races were a fairly consistent affair over the weekend, with Green getting 3rd on all three races. The first race saw Flynn finishing 7th  in only his third race of the season and Woodward got a DNF. The following two races didn’t go well for either Woodward or Flynn, both getting either DNF or DNS. All again down to mechanical issues. Rudd also used the parades to enter his Suzuki X7 as a shake down for next season when he will campaign it for the whole season. Other commitments kept Bartlett, Bond and Dickinson out of this event.

The 500 race was entered by Woodward with Green also entering on his 250 as an extra ride due to not having a guaranteed 125 to ride. The 500 race was straight after the 250 race which carried an amount of starting risk. The first race neither Green nor Woodward managed to start due to mechanical issues. Green had a clutch cable pop out and had to finish the last 2 laps of the 250 race with no clutch and could not reattach the cable in time to start the 500 race.

The second race saw Green develop a misfire after a couple of laps, this turned out to be a lack of fuel. The tank didn’t have enough fuel to complete two races off the back of each other. Woodward again got a DNS due to engine problems. The final race Green managed 10th and Woodward a DNS.

Returning from a six month deployment, Langley competed on an untried VFR750 in the Post Classic superbikes. Although first time out on the bike and class he came 5th in class for the first two races and a 3rd in the Race of the year.

Final championship standings are currently still being worked out.
From the team we would very much like to thank you for your support throughout the season, having a release from the work we do is very important to us.

Kind Regards
Sgt Andy Green

RAF Classic Motorcycle Team wind up season with EBC racing brakes image


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