13-year-old Jayda proves her consistent talents once again

The Ipswich rider uses a range of EBC Brakes parts on her Aprilia motorcycle

Jayda Howe, aged 13 and from Ipswich, Suffolk, began racing at just eight years of age. On 26-28 July, she competed at the Donington Park leg of the Thundersport GB championship. Here are her thoughts on how the weekend panned out…

“It was my first time at the track. We arrived on Friday and it is an interesting track to learn. I didn’t get as much practice time as I wanted as we were setting up the fuelling and had another small technical problem. At least we managed to get out in the dry and set the bike up for the rest of the weekend, though.

“I woke up on Saturday not feeling great with a sore throat and nearly lost my voice. Fortunately it stayed dry for qualifying but was much colder than on Friday. I managed a time of 1.53 which put me 26th on the grid out of 28 starters. As soon as I got back to the pits the heavens opened and it didn’t stop raining for the rest of the weekend.

“In race 1 I finished in 19thplace and in race 2 I finished in 20th. We were really pleased with the pace in race 2, nearly getting down to my dry times. I think I prefer Donington in the wet!

“On Sunday, the rain was even heavier and I still didn’t feel much better. Despite this, warm-up went well and I stayed out for the session checking out the puddles on the track. I started from 26th place on the grid and finished in 19th. Because of the condition we decided to call it a day and I didn’t go out in race 4.

“All-in-all, I think it wasn’t a bad weekend. Didn’t crash (lots of people did) and we got two more signatures on my licence. I only need one more signature and I can lose my orange novice bib! I have to say, I loved going down Craner Curves, but was not fond of Coppice Corner…

“I’d like to say a big thank you once again to all my sponsors and the people who have helped me.”

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