Army Motorcycle Road Race Team rider, Richard Spencer-Fleet, received point-earning finishes at the Norfolk circuit

Spencer-Fleet uses EBC Brakes products on his race bike

“Leaving Brands Hatch behind us a month ago, we set to have a good result at Snetterton. With no settings or set-up due to the engine failure here last year, we’ve got to firstly thank Odiham Motorcycle Club for allowing us to join them on a track day to get ourselves up to speed and try a few things out.”

Free practice

“This didn’t start well, with a big slide due to running some old scrubs on the first lap. The plan changed somewhat just to get some laps in and build speed and lower lap times. That went to plan but not as fast as we wanted. So was back to the drawing board for set up issues.”


“With the rain beating down all night, the track looked wet. So we went with the decision to go to the track on wets, if it dried do wheel change in pit lane. On arriving in pit lane could tell the wrong tyre choice was made. 2 laps and we had to come in for a change. The wheels were changed by the team and we managed to get back out for a outlap and 1 flying lap. The time wasn’t great but got us on the grid for the race in P20.”

Race 1

“Lining up on the grid in P20, we knew we had work cut out. The aim as always was to be in the points. The start went well but got beat up a bit into turn 1 and 2. Elbows were out and places were made up. Had some great battles early on with Danny Shaw then Craig Kennely. Having made a couple of mistakes a gap was formed but having seen P16 on lap board, points were in sight.  Couple laps later we were battling again and position changes 2/3 times a lap. Made for a really exciting race and to come home in P14 with points was a success.”

Race 2

“Starting 15th on the grid, we felt we were in the right place to go with the pack. After a good start it was again a chasing game and laps of passing. 4 laps in the dreaded arm pump came in and was struggling to change gear, but pushed onto stay ahead of the pack behind and finish again in 14th.

“It’s been a great weekend and taking points in both races was mega! A massive thanks go to the team this weekend that got me on the grid and kept me going but also to the sponsors and supporters that get us racing! Roll on Cadwell Park!”

(Thanks to Camipix Photography for the imagery).

Richard uses these EBC Brakes products:

X Series Floating Front Discs

Richard uses EBC’s ultra-lightweight ‘X Series’ floating front discs on his racing motorcycles. Since their introduction, they have become one of the world’s best-selling, lightest and best-performing discs available for all modern sport bikes; available from EBC Brakes distributors around the world.

These motorcycle discs feature a unique and patented S-Drive button system which boasts square-sided rivets captured in square drive pockets on the rotor and hub, allowing the outer rotor blade to expand and contract freely under the heat of braking without suffering from rivet lock.

X and XC floating discs are the lightest you can buy. They will eliminate all your vibration problems and last longer than conventional rotors using round-button technology. Both designs further reduce weight by using only six drive buttons, dropping overall weight by up to 300 grams in the process.

GPFAX Sintered Road/Race Pads

To complement the discs, Richard uses EBC’s GPFAX pads. These race-only pads feature a material blend that has a higher friction and far better grip than any other brake pad on the market.

With a friction measurement between 0.6 and 0.7, they deliver the most amazing brake effect available. Zero brake fade is guaranteed and the heat stability of these brake pads is perfect, leaving the racer with high confidence and a product that can be used over numerous races.

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